Saturday, February 28, 2009

This was a post to one of Essences sites after reading some of the comments those "Ladies" left in response to a picture of a woman with natural hair.. Mind you, I get pissed about fake bitches trying to front reality.. :p

Wow.. I had no idea black women hated black women so much. Oh wait.. Yes I did.. :) Who said natural hair was ugly? OK, some natural hair is ugly. Just like some slick hair is ugly and greasy too. It's like some black folks are ugly and some white folks are too and vice versa. All of NOTHING is gonna be gorgeous The way I see it, if you're not comfortable with your natural hair, go ahead. Press it, perm it, hell cut off if you think it's beyond help! And as for all those 'ladies' who are always thinking natural women are upity and self righteous, they have a right to be. They have broken a shackle that has been on them since they were 3 and sadly that baby hair turned to the real deal and their mothers decided "Hey. Perms can make my baby have good hair forever!" Hair for black people goes far beyond style. It's just not the same as a white girl or someone with that slick stuff going "Darn it! I can't do a THING with my hair!" And it's easy to say that's crap. It's easy not to look at it.. It's easy to cover it up. It's hard to DEAL with those feelings. But no matter how mad you get. No matter how straight and bouncy you're able to force your hair to get, it's still the same underneath. So next time you try to get righteous cause you have "straight" hair. and another sista has her natural hair and isn't ashamed of it. Instead of trying to snicker and laugh like the slick stuff is actually growing out of your head, try just acting like she's got... hair.. Regular hair. It's not funny. It's not dirty.. It's just HERS.. Now yall play nice. :)

Yeah, I really didn't care if they play nice or not. If it's anything like the REAL pantene site, they'll just delete my realism anyway.. Can't for the life of me know why I keep using Pantene! They are such promoters of black hatred. IMHO. But then that is so many companies.

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