Sunday, April 10, 2011

Locked to Loose... Sounded so simple...

But it is hard as FIRECRACKERS!! I decided to actuall do it in January this yesr and I've undone 4. FOUR!!!! My hands were getting better.. Then came breast debone. And now thar are screwed up again. So it hurts to pick the hair apart for so long. So I could just cut it.. But I can't bring myself to part with that much hair yet. I know beauty is not in hair length or texture... But come on!!! it's half way my back. I grew this for 5 1/2 years!! I'm attached to it! I know it's time to free them, but I just don't know how to go about it just yet. I did decide to separate some of the multi headed dragons up there and accidently chopped off a LONG head.. (LoL! Sounds weird right?) I hated it but, it happens..

I'm alright. :) I had to separate them because it would save SO much time undoing them. Heads take as long to undo as the lock itself.. You'd be adding time.. PLUS.. You look less one sided if you take small locks loose. Instead of having a giant chunk of loose hair on one side and locks on the other side.. And it made them hang better and ponytail better.. So the chopping in half was not a bad idea....

Now if I can just GET THEM LOOSE!! LOL!! Should get easier as I'm off debone. (Yep, pay drop and all.:( BOO!!! ) But now my hands will get well and I can continue to take my locks down with my newly healed hands... I've been checking out YouTube kind of getting an idea of how to take care of the curls.. I've never had to do it actually. My mom always straightened it and when I got older we just relAXED it... Then I went straight to locks. So I've been natural for 5 1/2 years and have no idea how to take care of natural hair.. LoL! Well, natural LOOSE hair. So I'm going to need a lot of HELP.. But luckily I have internet which has Nappturality and YouTube and Google search and Bing... LoL!! I can find what I need.. :)

OK, damn, now I'm done rambling.. I do that sometimes.. :p


I'm done.. Just a quick ramble..

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  1. LoL!!! Now it's all about the hair LOSS ads in this blog... Very funny.. I don't have a problem with hair loss.. Except that one loc I accidentally cut the head off of.. :p Imma need Google to do better... SMH