Saturday, July 22, 2006

Well, it's almost 11 months now and things are still looking.. Well.. Pretty much the same. My dreads are softer now I don't know WHY.. Maybe it's the extra rinsing and the pantene I've been using. I haven't stated conditioning yet but the shampoo has (get this.) Petroleum in it.. GREASE. So it's like a conditioning wash I guess. I think I'll stick with this stuff. I was against petroleum usage in dreadlocks, but I think this is OK. It's in the shampoo (and probably the conditioner too.) but I still don't use grease on my hair (Petrolatum) cause it's too hard to wash out. The Parnevu isn't thick or greasy and can be used daily. (I use it every other day or so after wetting my locks a little. Works wonders.)

I need to clip my ends believe it or not. Apparently not all the perm got cut off and I have these little tails on the ends of some of my locks. They aren't really BOTHERING anybody, I just wanna cut them off.. but I'm not in a particular hurry to do it. Like I said they aren't bothering anybody. My bang is going to have to be slicked back after a bit cause those three locks are hanging right on my eyebrows in about I'd say 3 months or so they'll be in my EYES!!! Can't have that now, I'm already blind. :P

My eczema is acting up a little. It was getting better, but now I'm not so sure. Well, it IS better than it was cause I was PITYFUL.. Sores and all, but now I just have dry crusty skin between my fingers, a rash on my hand and wrist that goes and comes on a daily basis. And fingers that itch, dry out, crack and bleed occassionally. Sounds shitty I know and it is, but just something that some folks have to live with til they find their own personal cure. I find that alcohol kills the itch of the rash and some petroleum jelly kills some of the crusty hands. But it's a balance. Sometimes the moisturizers make the rash itch. Go figure. But I've seen worse days. :) I'm living with it.

I have no new pictures. I plan to take some next month sometimes cause that will be my year mark being a dread head. I'm still in love with them. They hold special meaning to me. Not really sacred, but still important. I want to take care of them and make sure they grow to their fullest potential. (This is what happens when you don't have kids and no time for a dog.)


  1. well, i see u're cruisin' along with your locks sis. hang in there, it's good to see sistas wearing them as thick as u do yours. just wait til u see them in 2 years, 3 years, and more.

    i used to have really bad skin rashes when i was a kid, so i feel your pain. i was embarrassed, and would never wear short sleeve shirts b/c the rash was so bad, especially in the spring and summer. but thankfully i outgrew it, and never knew whethe it was eczema, allergies, or what.....but i do get a "touch" of it every blue moon on one of my knuckles. hang in there, and hopefully it will get better sis.

    guidance and blessins