Friday, May 22, 2009

Better Now...

I think I'm finally over the whole loose hair obsession now. I guess since my ends came loose on some of my locs and see the loose hair, I feel I'm much happier than I would be loose. I love these locs. And I ain't cuttin' 'em ever. :)

I am looking forward to the future of my dreads. How long they'll get... How long they'll be once I get to the 5 year mark. Honestly, they are almost as long now as I assumed they'd be at 5 years now. :p I was looking for really slow growth, but they are gettin' down there! Not that I was obsessed with LENGTH, still it's nice to seem 'em all flowin' and I look forward to see how long they'll be 10 years from NOW.. Or even at the 10 year mark.

I've been thinking about back when I was obsessed with straight hair and how long ago that seems. I don't even WANT straight hair now.. It's boring and overly fake. I was born kinky and curly and I plan to stay that way for life. It is actually kinda stupid to want something you weren't born with so bad that you're willing to hurt your self to get it. I'm glad I'm more balanced in the head than I once have been.

I'm still waiting for my glycerine and aloe to get here. Man that company is slow as shit with shipping. I'll know next time to find another company. <_< And for this long ass wait, their products better be pure and GOOD..

Well, I guess that's all for now.



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