Friday, May 15, 2009

New Products for the dreads. :)

Well, I decided to break down and buy some glycerin. I've been hearing about it's moisturizing benefits for natural hair, and decided to give it a try. I haven't gotten it yet, as I just bought it today, but I can't wait for it to get here. :) I also ordered some Aloe Gel. I plan to mix them together into a spritz and see how it works. I know my broke ass don't need to be spending all this money, but they were pretty cheap. 16oz bottles for $8 bucks together. I'm hoping this works out well because I am on a serious moisture kick. After my cowash the other day, or was it yesterday? Anyway, my hair feels so soft. At first it felt like it was getting hard as normal when it first got dry, but after I spritzed today with some oil and water and gave it a good seal with some oil, it feels soft, and the conditioner gave it a great smell. Much better than just rinsing alone. I wouldn't cowash exclusively though as I think it would eventually build up on my dreads, making them look dull and dirty. Not to mention slightly sticky and then lint would start to stick and that would just be a great big hot MESS. LoL.. Nah, we ain't goin' there.

I think I'm over my 'cut lust' for the moment. I'm trying to focus on treating my locs like regular natural hair than just acting like they are just THERE. This will keep my interest. I find though I have a highly spiritual connection with my locs, that's what made me cut my hair all the time. Boredom. I got bored with it and cutting it gave me something new. And I must say since I've been shopping for my locs and touching them (constantly!!), I feel reconnected with them.

Well, when the products arrive, I'll give my hair a good wash (if I can WAIT!! I may just start spritzin' it on.. I think I will.. Unless it arrives on my wash day. :p )and start spritzing it up. This, if all goes according to plan, will be my new routine..

Shampooing: Once a week

Cowash: Around day 3

Rinsing: every other day, if I feel like it.

Spritzing: A mix of water, aloe, glycerin, and a HINT of scented oil, used daily. I spritz daily anyway, so this doesn't really change.

It's basically the same routine I've always had, except with a lot more rinsing and washing. ^_^

Well, that's all for now. More later. :)


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