Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fresh and so Clean Clean...

Just a quick post to say... It's so SOFT!! I did a deep condition with Aussie Moist like I said. I kept it covered for like 3 hours probably.. Maybe MORE! But when I took that bag off.. My hair was SOFT and buttery.. It felt so wonderful. Even after I rinsed it out.. Still soft, curls were poppin'.. It was just WONDERFUL! Love it..

here's what I used, and what I did.

I wet my hair a bit and applied a LAVISH amount of Aussie Moist, I mean a good little bit. I then combed it through. This is my detangling session. After I finished combing with my Goodie wide tooth comb (Like $2 and I thought THAT was expensive! LoL!) I put it in a ponytail (yes the top will fit into a ponytail! LoL!) Then covered with a plastic bag and threw on my satin bonnet. And I just let it sit... FOREVER.. I washed it out after about... I think I washed it out about 9pm.. I washed it around 4pm. so that's like 5 hours!! Don't think it takes that long, but that's how long it sat. I then rinsed it out, massaging the scalp as I did.

Once I was done rinsing it all out, I added Vo5 as a leave-in, then I added some KeraCare hair Milk (From that sample kit I got.. I actually like the hair milk. It's OK. I may purchase that.), I sealed with coconut oil, then put in a GOOD amount of my Long Aid. And now.. It's smellin' good and it's so SOFT!! I just had to post that. I love good hair results. :) All naturals do and we LOVE to gush!! LoL!

OK.. Now that's all for now.. Really..



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