Monday, June 06, 2011

What the hell? Afro.... Curls????

That's right the blog has a new name. Same address as before. Just with a new name. I felt this was more where my head was right now. I'm still on a journey, but I just wanted to change the name, just as I'm growing and changing. (Hopefully for the better!!)

It's still the same blog. You haven't been hijacked, this isn't a virus or anything taking you to this strangers site.. This is On A Journey. Just now it's called AfroCurls.. LoL!

So I've been shaping Rebel (my fro) up a bit and now she's starting to look normal. (well as normal as Rebel wanna look. LoL!) I took some off the sides and that trimmed it up a bit and now it looks less uneven and less of a drop off in the back. I mean there is a drop off, but my head is flat as shit so that was bound to happen anyway, right? LoL! But it looks more pulled together and less like "a woman in the streets who done rubbed all her hair out in the back." As DH so elloquently put it. LoL! Now it looks like a real cut. Now all it has to do is start growing..

And knowing Rebel it will be towards the SKY! She does love to stick up.



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