Monday, March 05, 2007

Ever do something stupid and you knew it was a bad idea when you did it.. But you did it anyway? Well, that's what happened to me. One word, folks.. SURVEYS!! These are some of the biggest rip offs in the business. They are the new 900 numbers for the web. The promise you all this money.. A dollar here.. a $500 gift card there. But always for a price. Now we all know nothing is for free, but good Lord, this is ridiculous!! I was offered a "free" Kitchen Aide mixer for completing a survey. Read the terms and conditions and they HINTED that I may have to buy/subscribe to something. So I got into it.. I got BMG music service.. Not bad, I need music anyway.. I completed an offer.. Free mixer right? WRONG.. I was greeted with about 8 more pages all with offers that must be completed!! I'm like.. Uh.. I could have just BOUGHT the mixer for less.. Needless to say, I just took my music and dipped on that survey and unjoined their site.

Point is.. The old saying is true. If something sounds too good to be true.. IT'S A BOLD FACED LIE!! Surveys are fun, but don't expect anything from them. You'll only be disappointed.



  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    LL raising her hand from the rogue's gallery. Yeah uh huh, always doin' something stupid it seems at times, LOL. Thank God I keep getting another day to do it right! ;-)

  2. Yeah, thank GOD... I do this all the time.. The little voice says "don't do that!" I do it.. Then the voice is like "Humph.. Idiot.."

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Ooh girl yup. I thought it just me falling for crap and hearing "the voice". Grrrr, that voice ya just don't know if ya should slap it ta death or simply listen.

    Okay, we'll listen from na onnnnn.