Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I hate technology. Seems Rhapsody has screwed me.. Well I'll get all straightened out soon enough.

Anyway, I had no idea it was the first day of SPRING.. I use to keep up with that sort of thing. Maybe that's why I was, and still am, feeling so spiritual. Changing of seasons, rebirth of the planet. Gotta love that. I'm still feeling pretty good. I've been blessed with a new more CONVENIENT job. I'll be able to catch a ride home with no problem because hubby works there. Instant transportation. I've been so far blessed with all 3 jobs that I applied for. Thank you.

My locks are doing well. I washed them this morning before going to the interview. They were kinda stressin' from all that lint I picked up from those new sheets, which I have laundered and taken off the bed, so I decided to do two lathers instead of one. I need to do a deep condition. I was thinking of buying some of that cholesterol. I've heard it was bad for locks.. I guess cause it might leave build up, but if you rinse it out good it should be fine, right? I hope so. Right now they feel moisturized, but it couuld be because I just oiled them up and washed them! LoL! A friend of mine said she uses just regular cooking oil on her locks, I was thinking of giving that a try. Don't see what it would hurt. Might work better than what I'm doing now. Put some of that perfume oil in it and just spray it on my hair and scalp. Anything is worth a try. And it can't hurt, cause it's just veggie oil. : )

I'll be back to post how it works out..



  1. Anonymous6:26 AM


    Send me a pic for the cova. Don't wanna steal, so I'm here a beggin. You have my e-mail????


  2. Anonymous6:27 AM

    'Bout cookin' oil.

    Girll, you are correct. Grease is grease is oil. Blah, blah, blah!

  3. What's up girl. I'm still trying to get to ya blog. For some reason it won't let me in. LoL..