Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, I thought I had a lint problem before, but now.. JESUS! I just moved to Jasper, FL and I needed bedding for the week.. So like a dumb ass, i bought flannel sheets.. Flannel is so soft and comfy, so it seemed like a good idea..

I GOTS LINT IN MY..... BODY!! It's EVERYWHERE! I couldn't wash them before use, cause my washer is still in Perry. So since I had no idea it had lint like that, I'm COVERED in the stuff.. A lock wearer's nightmare!! I covered it up and I STILL got lint in my dreads.. Now I'm shame cause I feel like I'm feeding the negative stereotype. (That dread heads are dirty- especially my peeps the freeformers!! UGH!!!) Oh well, I'll have more of my stuff tomorrow, and I'm off work Monday. (Got the Nestle job. Filler Room Operator, I be.) I believe when I wash the sheets the lint will go with the rinse water.. : ) So it will be alright.Plus I'll have other sheet sets if that fails.. But this lint.. I'm gonna have to wash my hair SO hard after this is over...

My oil is still working well. I'm getting use to the smell of it, so I just smell it when I toss my hair. (Yay.. I have hair to toss..) It smells clean.. Like herbs.. :D I love that. I hate to stereotype my own people, but that's what I think about when I see locks. A heavy incense smell that just takes me on a journey.. So obviously I wanted that smell.. Hard to find I guess.. That's alright though. I did get a surprise though about my scented oil.. It moisturizes my locks. Weird right? I only put like a little drizzle in about 8 or 10 ounces of water and my locks feel softer and more moisturized with me putting less grease on them. I love that benefit.

And speaking of benefits, a friend asked me an interesting question. She asked what were the benefits of locking.. I got to answering her and I was like dang.. I had no idea I got all this for locking. Apparently my first thought was true.. It is more than just a hairstyle. It' s a wisdom builder. Here's the list of just stuff I could think of. It starts superficial, but it gets deeper... AND KEEP IN MIND I WAS SHOCKED.

1 You hair grows longer. Because your hair isn't breaking off , you see your growth better. You're keeping your growth.

2. No more perms, salon visits, styling implements, or mirror checks every car trip to make sure things are right where you left them. You literally have Perfect Hair Forever!

3. Acceptance. You're accepting your hair for what it is.. No more fighting to make it something it's not. and the rewards are plentiful. Once that pressure to be perfectly straight, or Hollywood curly, you are free. And that weight was heavier than you ever knew.

4. Patience. No matter how much gluing or twisting, or rolling, or fretting you do, you hair is still only going to lock when it's ready to. You can't control it.. so either you give up, go crazy, or accept what it is for what it is. I freeformed and locking still happened. All I had to do was learn to wait for it. Lesson well learned and paying off thank you very much.

5. Locking teaches you that you don't control the universe!!! As in the patience section, you find that no matter how hard you try to make you hair lock just the way you want it to, and when you want it to .. It will do it the way and when it wants to. No matter if you glue it down, twist it obsessively, or just let it be, it will do it in time. It's own time.. You don't lock your hair, it locks itself. And there's nothing you can add to that. I wanted Ropes and I got something between that and manicured locks. And everyone loves them, but not as much as I do.. (That's not possible.)

Next time you twist your lock or photograph them, think about what you've learned. You'll find that you've learned a lot more than just how to twist a lock. And your list will continue to grow. And you'll ask yourself... How did I learn all this from.. My Hair?



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  1. Brilliant post. Everything you said about locks is so right.