Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I don't know what it is, but I've been sitting here listening to Roots Reggae all NIGHT and I'm feeling pretty energized. I've been feeling very spiritual lately. I don't get it.. Well yes I do.. I've been feeling this way for quite sometime now. Around the time I started my locks.. Infact a little before that. It's part of the reason I started locking. Don't worry this isn't gonna be some kind of long post about getting the holy ghost or nothing.. Nothing like that. Ever just feel like your eyes are being opened.. Or better yet, like you've just been keeping them closed to what you knew was already there. Like I know someone is evil at heart or at least in action, but I feel little or no hatred for them.. THIS IS BIG BECAUSE I USE TO WANNA STRING THEM UP BY THEY PINKY TOE AND BEAT THE SHHHHH OUT OF THEM.. But now.. It's like the hate just won't build.. And when it DOES.. I often wonder.. Is this MY hate? Or is it being planted? And most of the time. It's the latter.

Now everytime this happens to me, something happens to totally DESTROY the feeling of peace I have, so I wonder what it will be this time? Maybe I should greet it like I did opposition to lock. I suffered through it, but I never backed down. And now I have my locks. And they were worth it.. Maybe, this is just the next step. But no matter what.. I'm hoping this feeling will last. And hopefully I can pass it on to someone else with an open mind to listen to my theories about life and living.

More to come.. Much more to come..


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  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    OOoh J,

    Red is my fav color but it is killin' ma eyes. Anybody else say so??? You know I am old, er um I mean my eyez are old.