Saturday, March 03, 2007

OK, now that I have your attention, when did this term become offensive and why? Is it such a horrible idea for white folks to have a drop of black in they ass? I saw this on MSN encarta looking for what the f@ck an IT Pathway Certificate was (I would like to continue my education and become an IT person.) And it didn't tell me what that was, I guess it's unique to Kaplan Uni. Anyway, I saw a stock certificate to some silver mining company called the Octoroon Mining Company I think it was. So I decided to look the word up to see what MSN said the meaning was. ( I know it's a person that is 1/8 black blood. I was just messin' around, ya see.) Anyway, I was greeted with this screen that says "OFFENSIVE CONTENT" or something of that nature. And how they wanna protect Kids and such, donchaknow. I'm like protect them from what? The idea that your snow white a$$ might have a touch of Oli in it? I was kinda offended that they were offended.

I know we all have "terms" but usually they have a really REALLY negative vibe behind them. And for a good reason. Like Nigger for example. If somebody called me a Nigger, I'd be ready to break my CPU over his/her head. (Clarification, black people don't call each other "Nigger" it's Nigga. Like the Comedian said, that "ER" will land your a$$ IN "ER" ) That's offensive because of the way it was used. And we were highly oppressed in a time when this term became popular. It strikes a nerve. Even as I look back on my own post, I'm like... Damn, that's an ugly looking word. And it is ugly. Shouldn't be used and states no definition what so ever. (Negro is spanish for black. Noir is french for black.. Why we ain't Noirs? yeah, see how that can go either way?) Octoroon, though I don't know what a "roon" is.. But octo just means eight.. I know whites used this as a racist term against other whites who were discovered to have black ancestry.. But why is that even a bad thing? To have one black part the family? Maybe I just don't get it.

I'm just saying's all.. For some reason I got highly ticked off about it. Bad enough MSN has very little black friendly content. Nothing about something as simple as locks. It's like blacks abandoned MSN and vice versa. I think I'm the only one with a black site on MSN. Is Microsoft racist? No, not RACIST racist.. Just a little... Uncomfortable with us? You know not burn a cross on your yard uncomfortable.. Just a little... "Careful not to offend the black people" or "No black Jokes, please" uncomfortable.. I wonder.. Anyway.. Guess this gal is done complaining for the time being.. I started this about locks, but locks have to do with blackness. And blackness was the topic of this post, so I guess.. It's all good. :)


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    Awww man, I can't even read this. The fuschia is beautiful but veerrry difficult to read. Me poutin'!