Sunday, May 29, 2011

At 100% dry....

Always... ALWAYS wait til it dries to do a review..

Cause this stuff is flaky and HARD now.. The coils are still defined and very... VERY tight.. Which I can live with.. But the whole flaky thing makes me have to wash my hair again tomorrow.. Which really makes me mad.. Like I said I may have used too much, but it's hard to believe you can use too much from a sample pack. I don't know what happened.

The styling products like the Butter Cream and the Hair Milk seem to do a good job glossing.. And that smell has grown on me.. But tomorrow I'm gonna cowash with Aussie and try the smooth n shine and see what that does. From what I hear, it doesn't flake. Flakes just make your hair look dirty and umm, no.. not when I JUST washed my hair.. I ain't havin' it!!

So more tomorrow..


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