Sunday, May 22, 2011

Win and a Fail... Swing and a Miss.... Ummm!! But Awwww...

First let me say.. I love my lose hair. It is curly in most places not so much in others, but for the most part it is curly and I love every curl and coil.... I'm glad I did this...

Now for the fail... And it is EPIC.. But not go kill myself epic.. Though DH would think so..

I had 9 locs left.. I'd undone the rest.. So I'm like.. They're in the back.. It will be OK to be shorter in the back.. Sounds sensable right?

Man I cut the locs.. And now the whole BACK... THE WHOLE BACK...

Wait a minute... Yall don't hear me....

THE WHOLE BACK... Is FLAT!! Oh yes.. The locs were up still higher than I thought... So as I predicted.. I ended up SOME HOW looking like a chicken. LoL! And when it's in twists.. Lord have mercy!!! It looks pretty bad... I will be the first to say, I should have picked the rest out or at least another row of locs before chopping.. But what's done is done and I ain't gluing it back on!! I accept my fail and it looks acceptable when it's loose all over after a twist out and I'm sure it will look pretty good pulled back.. I can live with it...

But DH on the other hand... Is being a real D.I.C.K. DICK about the whole thing. I mean he is being a douche.. Yeah, I am using the white folks terms cause that's the only way to sum it up with out being entirely too vulgar.. I mean... He's being an ass about it. I felt bad enough having butchered my 'do... But I can get over it and I know it will grow back. I know .. If I'm really feeling depressed about how it looks.. I have a silk bonnet that I wear to work ANYWAY.. I mean when I was locked and all.. Before that, I liked to cover my head up at work.. Or at least pulled it back... So I'm like I will survive this.. It is just really not that major to me.. I'm sorry I just don't get why he's so mad about ME looking a hot mess.. Especially when the mess ain't all that hot..

Maybe he wants to turn me off to natural hair.. I know he's not a fan of locs or loose natural afro textured hair. But I am.. I'm afro.. I have afro hair.. Deal with it.. But he's not turning me off to natural hair. I know anyone can get a bad hair cut.. Anyone can have a bad hair day and that spans the races, textures, and types.. But hair grows back, and there will be good hair days.. But what kind of person kicks you when you're down. I mean, not a bully- obviously they will but they're assholes and you know that.. You're enemies will do it.. But you know they're assholes and who cares what they think.. But I don't think the one kicking you when you're already down should be someone who claims to love you. Man or woman. You should hurt the ones you claim to love.. Not unnecessarily anyway.. I understand if I was walking around like I'm the SHIT!! And I look like.. Well... SHIT.. I mean unsalvagable shit.. And you said " You know you got a HUGE patch in the back of your head, right?" And I was like "FUCK you! I know I'm the shit, bitch!" Yeah, I'd NEED to be kicked then.. LITERALLY kicked in the ass then.. But when I'm happy I finally got it all down, call myself done got cute... And then you tell me "It's short in the back.. REAL short.." And I EXPLAIN what happened.. I accidentally cut off too many locs.. I should have gone another row at least.. I feel bad... That should.. SHOULD be the end of it pretty much.. I mean, I'd leave it alone and I'm far from Ghandi.. Hell, I ain't even Deepak Choppra!! And I know to just let it go.. And not add insult to injury to a person who obviously sees their error and is trying to recoup..

But no... He goes on and on and on..... And makes me feel TERRIBLE.. UGLY... WORTHLESS..

And this morning it got WORSE.. He said now it looks like an old woman in the streets who done rubbed all her hair out in the back!!! I had it in twists at the time, so the flat overly cut back was in full view.. It did not look awesome, but I'm in TWISTS.. That's not the style I'd wear out.. UNLESS it was covered up... I think that was unnecessary.. And he should be sorry for it, but I now he isn't sorry. In fact, he could care less what I feel about it.. Must be nice.. I can't do that to people. I'm not the first to get a bad cut, and I won't be the last.. So I don't see it as the end of the world. All in all I think I can still work this and in a month the back will be bout long as I was intending it to be.. Well, maybe 3 months from now.. It's not like I go anywhere anyway. Not too many people are gonna see it like this.. And right now, it looks pretty cute.. Patch and all, and I STILL don't plan to let everyone see it right away. First off cause I don't feel like explaining to some dumb ass that I don't plan to relax my hair now that it's loose... For some reason in these parts it's harder to grasp than a woman with locs!! These are real country folks.. And I really don't always mean that as a compliment. Being natural down here is pretty hard..

So I don't see this bad cut as a real issue.. If I had taken the last 9 down he would have had something to say about that too.. Especially when I told him no perms.. I mean, I don't want ANY process.. No perm, no curl, no texturizer, no ANYTHING!! Little hair- especially around my face is just so not me.. I mean, I never had a relaxer that just looked awesome and my head always looks so BIG right after.. I didn't start liking it until after the first couple of washes.. Hate stick straight hair on me. So no.. I don't have a plan to relax it. So he and anyone else (Hear that Mom?) can just sit that shit on the shelf.. LoL!

Oh, and products... I always rave about LongAid... RAVE about it cause when I had a curl I loved it.. And it made an awesome twist out THOUGH all the definition vanished as soon as I tried to separate them, but it was still soft and pretty. I think using the Smooth n Shine would give it more hold, BUT... What I had forgotten about with LongAid... It... Is... WET!! OMG, I woke up STICKY!!! Yes.. STICKY!!! I was just sticky.. My arms, my face, my HANDS.. I went to the bathroom (TMI, I know..) And I was like "Damn... STICKY!!" I had to wash my hands, not just for hygiene.. But for STICKINESS!! I guess I gotta find a better way, eh? Something.. Not so sticky.. Or maybe I should just use less.. I kinda plastered it last night. I call myself shingled.. Let it air dry.. It never did. It's still wet.. Which is just from the LongAid.. My hair don't hold water anymore.. When I was little it would stay wet for a whole day, now the water just runs off it.. So LongAid might not be the savior I assumed it was.

I'm still STICKY.. LoL!!

Well, that's all.. Blogger is being a tool today and not uploading my pics.. I'll get 'em to yall as soon as I can. You can always get them off my fotki.




  1. Seriously from your fotki, the cut does not seem that awful, you can see the difference but it'll grow back and with shrinkage it will not look much different than the rest of your hair anyway.

    Give EcoStyler's Gel a try. I've only used the aloe one but my cousin who did the bc a few months ago got the clear one and she loves it. I promise I don't work for them, cause I may have mentioned the product before. It's cheap (about $5 for 32oz there is a smaller jar) available at Sally's, Walgreens or online, and it works well and does not dry tacky at all.

  2. I thought it wasn't so bad either, but DH had such a fit and reaction to it that I've been walking with my head down every since! It's easy to ignore people in a store or at work, but when it's that close to home it's just so difficult. I do know it will grow back and I can't wait so I can show off my nappy little curls with pride!!