Monday, May 16, 2011

Half Way!!

I'm happy to report I am over half done taking down the locs! I think I have 20 left out of 52!! I washed that loose hair (Yes, lather and all. It's RARE, but I had to get 5 years worth of gunk off it!!) and that hair was so awesome!! It's so much better than I could have imagined! There were all these little curls in areas I looked to be only naps.. However some areas I looked for to be really curly are wavy at best, but it still looks nice. I had my other hair already in twists, I took them loose to see what my twist outs are gonna look like and I was FLOORED!! It was kinda messy, I mean it was freshly unlocked, not yet washed and no product was used to twist them with, so given all of that... It was awesome!! My hair is gonna really be beautiful.. Not that my locks aren't beautiful. And I will always be glad I grew them. But now it's time to get use to my loose hair. I mean, one day I'll be blessed with a little one.. And if I'm locked all the time, how will I know how to deal with her hair (If it's a girl that is.) I went straight from perm to locs.. Never really dealing with my hair.

Which means I am LOST! LoL! But I'll pull it together. :)


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  1. Great!! It's a hard journey but so exhilarating when you're finally done. As for not knowing what to do with loose hair, I was the same. I really had to play around with my loose from loced hair to get used to untangling it, twisting took a few hours first time I tried, but eventually you get the hang of it. Try Eco Styler Olive oil gel and see if you like the effect, it really make my hair curly.