Saturday, May 28, 2011

First week loose

 Well it's been one whole week since I took my last loc loose and chopped the back and everyone is curious as to how my newly loose hair looks. I've been keeping it covered at work because there are just too many HATERS out here! With my bad haircut, I just can't handle needless cruelty right now. 

Other than that I am enjoying being loose. I love the way my hair feels. All tightly coiled and springy. :) Loving that. I'd gladly display it proudly if it weren't messed up in the back. I been got over being ashamed of nappy. I am for the most part of African decent. And like it or not most of us have kinky hair. So I think bitches need to get over it cause I ain't gonna be ashamed of it so why bother picking at it? But if you must, so be it. But a bad haircut is a reality of life. It happens, but it ain't how God made me, (well he DID make me with an uncanny inability to cut my hair straight!) I AM ashamed of that!! LoL! So it will be many months before I reveal this at work. Which sucks. Cause I am SUCH a fan of natural hair and the empowerment if people- especially women...  ESPECIALLY black women being who and what they are. (NO, not GHETTO! My people are not a ghetto people. That's just YOU if you are. LoL!) So me covering mine really sucks, but I'm not showing my butchering. Sorry. :)

But y'all will see it and see my progress as I grow out this "curl-tastrophy!!" (Got that from There are blogs there. I have one called Tight Curl Down!! Like Black Hawk Down? Is my bad hair experiences blog over there. I also have a group on called The Loose Life.. Check it out if you're already on there. :) I say this because you'll probably have to register and all that if you're not. Though they are great sites.. Naturally curly is more for the loose curl types where as Curly Nikki is more for all curls- loose and tight. So that's a little better for my hair type. :)

Of course I can't forget Nappturality. ( There is so much support and info there. A lot of parts of the site are now paid areas where you have to be "Pank" to enter, but membership is pretty cheap. $20 a year I think it was. I will subscribe at some point, but right now money is NOT growin' on trees. LoL! But I'mma get my girl Dee as soon as I can. Someone actually GIFTED me a year of Pankness, so there are some great people up in there. Very little drama.. You'll like it if you haven't been there yet. So much support.

What have I done.. Well, I cut those two really long tails on the sides of my head near the back as I've discovered that they were making the back look shorter and just plain sloppier. After they were cut it looks much much MUCH better!! Still a little weird... But I'll survive and in 6 months it will be no worse for wear.. And hopefully I'll be no worse either. And hopefully DH will have long gotten over it too. HOPEFULLY!

I ordered some samples from the great people at Avlon Industries ( They sent them free of charge and I will be reviewing some of these products later. Getting a sample is easy, just contact them and ask.. The shipping is free (for now. That may change as more people start requesting samples, as this is a pretty packed little envelope containing 6 1oz samples of products.) I really can't wait to try them out.. :)

As for my hair, I really love touching it though I don't like the way it looks. I do love how with all the chaos there are some wonderful cute beautiful curls. I love that... I mean, no product, nothing.. Just took it out of the pony (Tiny pony.LoL!) and the curls are just there. You gotta love natural hair.. All the confusing chaos.. Just awesome.. And wonderful..

Well, I'm done.. For now...

Thanks for reading.. :)


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