Saturday, May 28, 2011

The end result...

Well, now my hair is 95% dry.. The KeraCare is crunchy and it looks like it is flaking a little bit, so it loses some points for that.. But my hair is really defined still and I think once I oil it down just right to refresh it will probably take the crunch away and cover the flakies.. So I haven't ruled it out being a wonderful product just cause of some crunch. This stuff gave me the best curls I have ever had naturally. Plus it's not sticky or tacky.. It's just oddly not dry in the back, the part I chopped.. Seems like part of my hair would dry quickly, but I guess it's still very thick, just really short.

I just saw my girl Taren916 in YouTube and she has cut all that beautiful hair off............................ And it makes me wanna cut mine off.. LOL!! Just start OVER! But I'm gonna stick to my guns and just grow my back out again.. I get carried away with cutting.. It was like an addiction. I NEVER HAD HAIR CAUSE I KEPT CUTTING IT OFF!! LoL! No more cutting!! Except for evening out the hair. That's it. Really... Yeah.. No snippy snip.. :p

I was also wondering what takes so long to detangle? I don't have 3a hair and I can detangle in 5 minutes!! I just make sure my hair is real wet and FULL of conditioner.. And my comb slides through with no real problems. I didn't even get much hair loss.. Which you'd think I'd get loads after picking loose locs and all that damage.. I'm not sure.. Maybe my hair is better then I think it is.. Though DH says I think my hair is the best hair in the world... "But it's not." (Oh, hell naw nigga, I ain't forgot that shit either!) I won't say better, cause I don't really think I have "good" hair. I have MY hair. And that's that. But you'd think it would take all day to detangle.. I guess once it's longer with the thickness I have, THEN it will take all day.. Or maybe I just know what to do to my hair and it just don't take long to do it.. Maybe I don't expect TOO much of my hair. It's not gonna get silky by me combing it. So why take HOURS combing it.. Just comb through real quick and be done with it! LoL!

Wow, this has been a busy day for me on blogger!! I really want to document all this stuff.. This is like a grow out challenge, a no cutting challenge and a test of self esteem that will have a massive pay off if I can grow this damn patch out. The first hurdle is getting use to nappiness.. I got use to that with locs. I am not ashamed of naps.. Kinks.. Coils... Curls... WHATEVER you wanna call it. It's just this FUCKIN' PATCH!! And I can't even really get mad at it.. Cause it doesn't really look that bad. It's just outta place. That's all. Did I mention her name is "Rebel"? Yeah... My fro is named Rebel. Cause she's a rebel just like me.. So I guess I'm a rebel through and through! LoL!

As for LongAid.. Not the staple I thought it was anymore.. It had it's time.. And now it's over. It's moisturizing, and I WILL find a use for it.. Maybe when I wear my hair back it will be good for moisture.. I'll keep it on hand, but it won't be a holy grail anymore. And KeraCare cost a little much.. But it is cheaper than Kinky Curly and you can probably use other stuff with it. I still have to try Smooth n Shine as it may be just good for shingling too. Plus there's eco styler which I hear is VERY good... So there are options. Cheap options. My favorite kind!

Well, that's all (I guess) for the day. I'm so excited about this turn out. I just wish I could upload pictures. My internet is acting stupid about uploading pictures. But as soon as I can I'll get yall them pictures. Even Fotki is loading slow, but blogger has been like this for weeks now. I hope the problem gets fixed soon... Until then all yall gettin' is text. LoL!



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