Saturday, May 27, 2006

Shit! I had a post all ready to publish and it got erased!! I'm such a stupid asshole!!

Alright.. Enough of the self bashing.. I'll just begin again with what I remember. I'm in my 9th month with my locs. I'm totally locked. My locs shake now. I'm enjoying being a dread head.

My routine is just wash, grease shake and go. Loving the simplicity. I'll start conditioning in about 3 months. My hair kinda needs it. But right now I'm battling build up from my product junkie days. DH was right about not needing all the product. But he just thought I wouldn't lock with out product.. Scarred on him cause I locked faster with no product. I've been using Naani's shampoo for about the last 3 weeks. It's OK, but it's just expensive shampoo to my idea. Smells wonderful. (I got the yummy moisturizing shampoo.) But I think I'll be looking for another source of shampoo. I can't drop $20 for Adequate shampoo or even very good shampoo. I can get shampoo from the salon.. THE SALON.. Pick one.. For about $10. No shipping.. Much cheaper.

Is the product good? I don't know that. For someone who twists with heavy products, it will strip all that crap out of your hair. But I'm a pure freeformer and I don't have extra oil and gunk to wash out really. So all it did was soak into my hair and make it dull and dry. Plain and simple. Maybe if I add oils to it, it will do better. I'm gonna try that.

Anyway.. Me 9 months.I'll add a picture as soon as I remember how the hell I did it last time.


These are the little dears now. They 9 months old and Just learning to behave themselves. :)