Saturday, January 20, 2007

Well, it's another new year and I ain't gone as the song says. So much has happened as the year turned 2007. First of all, I'm done with Perdue, my long running dead end job. I left one division in September, transfered to another city. Another state.. And for what? To be just as miserable as I was at the other branch. Sucks ass if you ask me.. But as of January 17, 2007 became a freelance employee.. I'd given them 5 1/2 years of my life to destroy. You know I lost my supposed to be fun part of youth to that place. I was about 24 when I started and now I'm 29!! As a matter of fact.. I was 23... Now that's sad.. But that's all behind me now.. I'm unemployed, but I'll make it.. Do something else with my time.. It's ABOUT time!!!

Infact, if memory serves correctly.. On the day I decided to call it quits, my locks turned 17 months old. I hadn't realized that, but that was kinda cool too. I'll have to look back, because I'm not sure if it's August 17, 2005 when I started, or August 27th when I started my locks, but it's close to the 17 month mark.. I know it was in August of 2005, I'll have to get back to yall on that. :) Anyway, they are doing very well. They are just at my collar now, not getting caught inside too much anymore so that means they are growing past it. And they have dropped for the most part. Lots of people say they hate it cause they liked the wild look of them before hand, I did too, but this is cool too.. Cause when I want a neater look, I don't have to struggle to make them behave. (Remember I'm a freeformer, so I don't twist. Neatness is hard to come by.)

Right now my routine for maintainance is pretty simple, though I've been kinda lazy with washing it lately. ( I know, clean hair is a must,but with work and just errands, my time was short and I don't like to blowdry my hair so going to bed with it wet wasn't an option and it takes 10-15 minutes minimum to wash it now.. That's just a basic WASH.. Not pampering.. Luckily it's been pretty cold here and I haven't been sweating much, so there was no odor until about week 3(I didn't go any longer than that.. Couldn't take it anymore.) When I washed my locks, the soap was light brown, I haven't gone that long anymore.. I'm pretty much back to my once a week routine. Since I'm not at Perdue anymore, I'll have more time to treat my locks like they should be treated. But for now my routine is a quick wash with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Shampoo (Extra Moisture formula.), A long rinse, And a quick oil down with Organics by Africas Best.. Smells so... SO good. Close to Naani's Lock'd Down butter. After all I was looking for something like that for my freeformed locks since like I said before I don't need a twisting agent. and I needed some thing cheaper than $8.50 and this costs like $4.. I can pay that. Though I'm penny pinching right now, I do plan to try more of Naani's products when i get some funds going. (and I'm saying NAANI, as in "nag" or as in Nanny.. She hates that.. :P Just picking, I know it's Not nanny.. :) Just incase ya drop by or something.. :)

Anyway.. No major weightloss resolutions for the new year.. I am gonna lose some, but it's not that major.. This is the first year since I was about 12 that I didn't make that resolve. It just ends in failure by March anyway. I do plan to try to eat healthier as soon as I clean out my fridge.. Get more exercise and just try to get healthy over all. But there's no real rush. I have a lifetime. I'm just 29... :)

Anyway, I guess that's all for now.. I've gotta start keeping this thing up more, but most of the time I have shit to say.. But I'll try. :)

Take it easy..