Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Aftermath..

Flakes, hardness, dryness. Not sure what happened. The KeraCare started out so great! But ad it dried it got harder- which didn't make me HATE the product. But I can't take flakes. That's a deal breaker for me. I remember flaky gels. (LA Looks anyone?) And that is NOT a good look. So KeraCare did define my curls. (Even DH said it was full of a bunch of little curls. He does not call my hair "curls". So it MUST define!!) There are still lots of curls up there. BUT it's too flaky to wear out any where. I have to rewash it and try to do SOMETHING with it. A real shame too. It was so pretty. I still think I used too much. Don't know HOW, but maybe I did. I'd love to try again, but the only way to do that is to buy the Custard. If it still flakes I'll be pissed for SURE then. But the results started out so awesome. I guess I gotta give 'em another shot. I HOPE it was my mistake. Because if it IS, I've found my (can't believe Imma say it.) Holy Grail product. O_o!!!!

More to come.. :)


At 100% dry....

Always... ALWAYS wait til it dries to do a review..

Cause this stuff is flaky and HARD now.. The coils are still defined and very... VERY tight.. Which I can live with.. But the whole flaky thing makes me have to wash my hair again tomorrow.. Which really makes me mad.. Like I said I may have used too much, but it's hard to believe you can use too much from a sample pack. I don't know what happened.

The styling products like the Butter Cream and the Hair Milk seem to do a good job glossing.. And that smell has grown on me.. But tomorrow I'm gonna cowash with Aussie and try the smooth n shine and see what that does. From what I hear, it doesn't flake. Flakes just make your hair look dirty and umm, no.. not when I JUST washed my hair.. I ain't havin' it!!

So more tomorrow..


Saturday, May 28, 2011

The end result...

Well, now my hair is 95% dry.. The KeraCare is crunchy and it looks like it is flaking a little bit, so it loses some points for that.. But my hair is really defined still and I think once I oil it down just right to refresh it will probably take the crunch away and cover the flakies.. So I haven't ruled it out being a wonderful product just cause of some crunch. This stuff gave me the best curls I have ever had naturally. Plus it's not sticky or tacky.. It's just oddly not dry in the back, the part I chopped.. Seems like part of my hair would dry quickly, but I guess it's still very thick, just really short.

I just saw my girl Taren916 in YouTube and she has cut all that beautiful hair off............................ And it makes me wanna cut mine off.. LOL!! Just start OVER! But I'm gonna stick to my guns and just grow my back out again.. I get carried away with cutting.. It was like an addiction. I NEVER HAD HAIR CAUSE I KEPT CUTTING IT OFF!! LoL! No more cutting!! Except for evening out the hair. That's it. Really... Yeah.. No snippy snip.. :p

I was also wondering what takes so long to detangle? I don't have 3a hair and I can detangle in 5 minutes!! I just make sure my hair is real wet and FULL of conditioner.. And my comb slides through with no real problems. I didn't even get much hair loss.. Which you'd think I'd get loads after picking loose locs and all that damage.. I'm not sure.. Maybe my hair is better then I think it is.. Though DH says I think my hair is the best hair in the world... "But it's not." (Oh, hell naw nigga, I ain't forgot that shit either!) I won't say better, cause I don't really think I have "good" hair. I have MY hair. And that's that. But you'd think it would take all day to detangle.. I guess once it's longer with the thickness I have, THEN it will take all day.. Or maybe I just know what to do to my hair and it just don't take long to do it.. Maybe I don't expect TOO much of my hair. It's not gonna get silky by me combing it. So why take HOURS combing it.. Just comb through real quick and be done with it! LoL!

Wow, this has been a busy day for me on blogger!! I really want to document all this stuff.. This is like a grow out challenge, a no cutting challenge and a test of self esteem that will have a massive pay off if I can grow this damn patch out. The first hurdle is getting use to nappiness.. I got use to that with locs. I am not ashamed of naps.. Kinks.. Coils... Curls... WHATEVER you wanna call it. It's just this FUCKIN' PATCH!! And I can't even really get mad at it.. Cause it doesn't really look that bad. It's just outta place. That's all. Did I mention her name is "Rebel"? Yeah... My fro is named Rebel. Cause she's a rebel just like me.. So I guess I'm a rebel through and through! LoL!

As for LongAid.. Not the staple I thought it was anymore.. It had it's time.. And now it's over. It's moisturizing, and I WILL find a use for it.. Maybe when I wear my hair back it will be good for moisture.. I'll keep it on hand, but it won't be a holy grail anymore. And KeraCare cost a little much.. But it is cheaper than Kinky Curly and you can probably use other stuff with it. I still have to try Smooth n Shine as it may be just good for shingling too. Plus there's eco styler which I hear is VERY good... So there are options. Cheap options. My favorite kind!

Well, that's all (I guess) for the day. I'm so excited about this turn out. I just wish I could upload pictures. My internet is acting stupid about uploading pictures. But as soon as I can I'll get yall them pictures. Even Fotki is loading slow, but blogger has been like this for weeks now. I hope the problem gets fixed soon... Until then all yall gettin' is text. LoL!




I just used some of my KeraCare samples and I... am.... FLOORED!! My hair is so defined and curly.. It is so much prettier than I could have ever guessed it could be! My curls are defined and awesome... Now it's still wet, so I'm in the no touch-y stage, but if it looks HALF as good as it does now, I'd say this product line is a winner for our hair. (Black hair)

I'd say my hair type is between 4a and 4b.. Maybe SOME 3c in there some where.. If there was a 3d that would probably be it too. So I do not have biracial hair.. So it's not a situation like I keep running into online with people who probably shouldn't have been relaxing their hair from the beginning saying this product is my holy grail!! And "My hair is that rough stuff." And I'm like.. "O.....K...." No, I got some REAL hair.. (My girl's name is "Rebel", that tells it all. She do what she wants, when she wants.. Just like the person who's head she's on!!LoL!) And I say, this product line is a WINNER!!

OK, what I used...

Cleansing Cream (Step 1)
Aussie Moist Conditioner (I'll explain why I felt I need to use this.)
Leave In (Step 2)
Defining Custard For Curls and Coils (Step 3)

I wet my hair like you normally do in the shower, and applied the Cleansing Cream.. Now, I'mma tell ya, I really don't like the smell of this stuff.. It is pretty natural I guess, but it reminds me of chemicals. It actually smells like Cream of Natures old shampoo. It's even pretty much the same colour. But it doesn't make my hair melt like that stuff use to.. Now, I'm not really a bit shampoo person anyway, Sulfate free or not. So I may just not like Shampoo. But it didn't really make my hair feel very... I don't know.. It just made it kinda squeeky.. I guess I kinda NEEDED it after the Long Aid stickiness.. That stuff HAD to come out.. It's great for moisture I guess, but for curl definition, you need too much and it stays too wet for 2011.. LoL! Still, the shampoo kinda felt like it was stripping too much away..

So I used the Aussie Moist, let it sit while I showered, then rinsed it mostly out..

Dead after that, I slathered on the Leave In... I mean SLATHERED.. Yeah, I had to rinse some out as it was just so white and I just was too heavy handed with it, BUT I noticed that even after I rinsed SOME of it out, my curls were already popping.. With the leave in ALONE, so I felt this might not be a bust after all.

I put a LITTLE coconut oil on my hair. Why? I don't know.. Just felt I needed to seal a little.

Then came the "shingling" with the Defining Custard. Now at first I was like "No I don't like it" because my hair felt a little rough while it was going on. It was like just styling gel in my mind, but I decided to apply it anyway. And when I saw the first curls, I was like "What the hell, give it a try." One thing I noticed is it looks like Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Or at least the pictures of the product I've seen. I mean colour and all. so I'm like OK.. I really don't like the smell still.. I mean, I could probably get use to it.. That is if it's still really nice once it DRIES.. That's the real test, so I'll know in about an hour maybe. But for now the results are wonderful.. BUT.... I do already feel a slight CRUNCH.. My hair is a little hard, but nothing I can't live with.

I'm going to ATTEMPT to add some photos, but blogger has been really screwing with me about uploading photos.. They load really SLOW or not at all, but they will be posted here definately. :)

I hope that photo came through. It took so long, I'm just gonna post them on Fotki.. Check out my fotki for images..


First week loose

 Well it's been one whole week since I took my last loc loose and chopped the back and everyone is curious as to how my newly loose hair looks. I've been keeping it covered at work because there are just too many HATERS out here! With my bad haircut, I just can't handle needless cruelty right now. 

Other than that I am enjoying being loose. I love the way my hair feels. All tightly coiled and springy. :) Loving that. I'd gladly display it proudly if it weren't messed up in the back. I been got over being ashamed of nappy. I am for the most part of African decent. And like it or not most of us have kinky hair. So I think bitches need to get over it cause I ain't gonna be ashamed of it so why bother picking at it? But if you must, so be it. But a bad haircut is a reality of life. It happens, but it ain't how God made me, (well he DID make me with an uncanny inability to cut my hair straight!) I AM ashamed of that!! LoL! So it will be many months before I reveal this at work. Which sucks. Cause I am SUCH a fan of natural hair and the empowerment if people- especially women...  ESPECIALLY black women being who and what they are. (NO, not GHETTO! My people are not a ghetto people. That's just YOU if you are. LoL!) So me covering mine really sucks, but I'm not showing my butchering. Sorry. :)

But y'all will see it and see my progress as I grow out this "curl-tastrophy!!" (Got that from There are blogs there. I have one called Tight Curl Down!! Like Black Hawk Down? Is my bad hair experiences blog over there. I also have a group on called The Loose Life.. Check it out if you're already on there. :) I say this because you'll probably have to register and all that if you're not. Though they are great sites.. Naturally curly is more for the loose curl types where as Curly Nikki is more for all curls- loose and tight. So that's a little better for my hair type. :)

Of course I can't forget Nappturality. ( There is so much support and info there. A lot of parts of the site are now paid areas where you have to be "Pank" to enter, but membership is pretty cheap. $20 a year I think it was. I will subscribe at some point, but right now money is NOT growin' on trees. LoL! But I'mma get my girl Dee as soon as I can. Someone actually GIFTED me a year of Pankness, so there are some great people up in there. Very little drama.. You'll like it if you haven't been there yet. So much support.

What have I done.. Well, I cut those two really long tails on the sides of my head near the back as I've discovered that they were making the back look shorter and just plain sloppier. After they were cut it looks much much MUCH better!! Still a little weird... But I'll survive and in 6 months it will be no worse for wear.. And hopefully I'll be no worse either. And hopefully DH will have long gotten over it too. HOPEFULLY!

I ordered some samples from the great people at Avlon Industries ( They sent them free of charge and I will be reviewing some of these products later. Getting a sample is easy, just contact them and ask.. The shipping is free (for now. That may change as more people start requesting samples, as this is a pretty packed little envelope containing 6 1oz samples of products.) I really can't wait to try them out.. :)

As for my hair, I really love touching it though I don't like the way it looks. I do love how with all the chaos there are some wonderful cute beautiful curls. I love that... I mean, no product, nothing.. Just took it out of the pony (Tiny pony.LoL!) and the curls are just there. You gotta love natural hair.. All the confusing chaos.. Just awesome.. And wonderful..

Well, I'm done.. For now...

Thanks for reading.. :)


Some posts will seem out of place...

I'm posting my posts that were saved as drafts. :) I am gonna post for real today, but the ones that are like 5 YEARS LOCKED!!! And August 27th being 4 years.. Yeah, those are real damned old.. LoL!!


It's almost here!!

August 27th will be my 4th year with locs! Sometimes it seems like less, sometimes it seems like more.. But it has been quite a ride. :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Win and a Fail... Swing and a Miss.... Ummm!! But Awwww...

First let me say.. I love my lose hair. It is curly in most places not so much in others, but for the most part it is curly and I love every curl and coil.... I'm glad I did this...

Now for the fail... And it is EPIC.. But not go kill myself epic.. Though DH would think so..

I had 9 locs left.. I'd undone the rest.. So I'm like.. They're in the back.. It will be OK to be shorter in the back.. Sounds sensable right?

Man I cut the locs.. And now the whole BACK... THE WHOLE BACK...

Wait a minute... Yall don't hear me....

THE WHOLE BACK... Is FLAT!! Oh yes.. The locs were up still higher than I thought... So as I predicted.. I ended up SOME HOW looking like a chicken. LoL! And when it's in twists.. Lord have mercy!!! It looks pretty bad... I will be the first to say, I should have picked the rest out or at least another row of locs before chopping.. But what's done is done and I ain't gluing it back on!! I accept my fail and it looks acceptable when it's loose all over after a twist out and I'm sure it will look pretty good pulled back.. I can live with it...

But DH on the other hand... Is being a real D.I.C.K. DICK about the whole thing. I mean he is being a douche.. Yeah, I am using the white folks terms cause that's the only way to sum it up with out being entirely too vulgar.. I mean... He's being an ass about it. I felt bad enough having butchered my 'do... But I can get over it and I know it will grow back. I know .. If I'm really feeling depressed about how it looks.. I have a silk bonnet that I wear to work ANYWAY.. I mean when I was locked and all.. Before that, I liked to cover my head up at work.. Or at least pulled it back... So I'm like I will survive this.. It is just really not that major to me.. I'm sorry I just don't get why he's so mad about ME looking a hot mess.. Especially when the mess ain't all that hot..

Maybe he wants to turn me off to natural hair.. I know he's not a fan of locs or loose natural afro textured hair. But I am.. I'm afro.. I have afro hair.. Deal with it.. But he's not turning me off to natural hair. I know anyone can get a bad hair cut.. Anyone can have a bad hair day and that spans the races, textures, and types.. But hair grows back, and there will be good hair days.. But what kind of person kicks you when you're down. I mean, not a bully- obviously they will but they're assholes and you know that.. You're enemies will do it.. But you know they're assholes and who cares what they think.. But I don't think the one kicking you when you're already down should be someone who claims to love you. Man or woman. You should hurt the ones you claim to love.. Not unnecessarily anyway.. I understand if I was walking around like I'm the SHIT!! And I look like.. Well... SHIT.. I mean unsalvagable shit.. And you said " You know you got a HUGE patch in the back of your head, right?" And I was like "FUCK you! I know I'm the shit, bitch!" Yeah, I'd NEED to be kicked then.. LITERALLY kicked in the ass then.. But when I'm happy I finally got it all down, call myself done got cute... And then you tell me "It's short in the back.. REAL short.." And I EXPLAIN what happened.. I accidentally cut off too many locs.. I should have gone another row at least.. I feel bad... That should.. SHOULD be the end of it pretty much.. I mean, I'd leave it alone and I'm far from Ghandi.. Hell, I ain't even Deepak Choppra!! And I know to just let it go.. And not add insult to injury to a person who obviously sees their error and is trying to recoup..

But no... He goes on and on and on..... And makes me feel TERRIBLE.. UGLY... WORTHLESS..

And this morning it got WORSE.. He said now it looks like an old woman in the streets who done rubbed all her hair out in the back!!! I had it in twists at the time, so the flat overly cut back was in full view.. It did not look awesome, but I'm in TWISTS.. That's not the style I'd wear out.. UNLESS it was covered up... I think that was unnecessary.. And he should be sorry for it, but I now he isn't sorry. In fact, he could care less what I feel about it.. Must be nice.. I can't do that to people. I'm not the first to get a bad cut, and I won't be the last.. So I don't see it as the end of the world. All in all I think I can still work this and in a month the back will be bout long as I was intending it to be.. Well, maybe 3 months from now.. It's not like I go anywhere anyway. Not too many people are gonna see it like this.. And right now, it looks pretty cute.. Patch and all, and I STILL don't plan to let everyone see it right away. First off cause I don't feel like explaining to some dumb ass that I don't plan to relax my hair now that it's loose... For some reason in these parts it's harder to grasp than a woman with locs!! These are real country folks.. And I really don't always mean that as a compliment. Being natural down here is pretty hard..

So I don't see this bad cut as a real issue.. If I had taken the last 9 down he would have had something to say about that too.. Especially when I told him no perms.. I mean, I don't want ANY process.. No perm, no curl, no texturizer, no ANYTHING!! Little hair- especially around my face is just so not me.. I mean, I never had a relaxer that just looked awesome and my head always looks so BIG right after.. I didn't start liking it until after the first couple of washes.. Hate stick straight hair on me. So no.. I don't have a plan to relax it. So he and anyone else (Hear that Mom?) can just sit that shit on the shelf.. LoL!

Oh, and products... I always rave about LongAid... RAVE about it cause when I had a curl I loved it.. And it made an awesome twist out THOUGH all the definition vanished as soon as I tried to separate them, but it was still soft and pretty. I think using the Smooth n Shine would give it more hold, BUT... What I had forgotten about with LongAid... It... Is... WET!! OMG, I woke up STICKY!!! Yes.. STICKY!!! I was just sticky.. My arms, my face, my HANDS.. I went to the bathroom (TMI, I know..) And I was like "Damn... STICKY!!" I had to wash my hands, not just for hygiene.. But for STICKINESS!! I guess I gotta find a better way, eh? Something.. Not so sticky.. Or maybe I should just use less.. I kinda plastered it last night. I call myself shingled.. Let it air dry.. It never did. It's still wet.. Which is just from the LongAid.. My hair don't hold water anymore.. When I was little it would stay wet for a whole day, now the water just runs off it.. So LongAid might not be the savior I assumed it was.

I'm still STICKY.. LoL!!

Well, that's all.. Blogger is being a tool today and not uploading my pics.. I'll get 'em to yall as soon as I can. You can always get them off my fotki.



It is DONE!!

And I am LOOSE!! I finally got it all done. I chopped 9 locs, but the rest I just picked out. (The last 9 I just couldn't take it anymore!! My hands are working hands so they were like UNCLE!! LoL!) Now it's uneven, but it looks pretty good. I like it. I just smell like old man cause of the LongAid. LoL! But I can tell ya, that wash and condition felt AWESOME!! I can't wait to try new products.. LoL! Already the product junky!

Will I even go back to locs? Possibly. It's not out of the question, but for now.. I'm gonna enjoy the CRAP outta these curls!!

Photos to come!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Half Way!!

I'm happy to report I am over half done taking down the locs! I think I have 20 left out of 52!! I washed that loose hair (Yes, lather and all. It's RARE, but I had to get 5 years worth of gunk off it!!) and that hair was so awesome!! It's so much better than I could have imagined! There were all these little curls in areas I looked to be only naps.. However some areas I looked for to be really curly are wavy at best, but it still looks nice. I had my other hair already in twists, I took them loose to see what my twist outs are gonna look like and I was FLOORED!! It was kinda messy, I mean it was freshly unlocked, not yet washed and no product was used to twist them with, so given all of that... It was awesome!! My hair is gonna really be beautiful.. Not that my locks aren't beautiful. And I will always be glad I grew them. But now it's time to get use to my loose hair. I mean, one day I'll be blessed with a little one.. And if I'm locked all the time, how will I know how to deal with her hair (If it's a girl that is.) I went straight from perm to locs.. Never really dealing with my hair.

Which means I am LOST! LoL! But I'll pull it together. :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thinking Back...

I was just thinking about a situation a long time ago. I had short hair then, and my husband and I went to Fredricks of Hollywood, and the clerk said as we entered with her big white girl grin, "What can I help you gentlemen with today?" Last time I looked I was not a gentleman.. She was embarassed as hell when she realized her mistake, but that is something to think about. The persuit of being FEMININE!! I seem to have lost mine somewhere along the line. My bastard ass husband blamed my short hair and clothing. I was wearing his leather jacket.. Or my build.. Can't do squat about that. I mean I can lose some weight, but I'm still gonna have the same wide shoulders as I do now, just bonier I guess.. I don't know.. I don't think he really understands what a woman feels.. Nor does he care to. I guess that's why I've got my blogs..

But now I'm taking down my locks.. Oh, and that was a major MAJOR issue.. My locking.. He called me all kinds of dikes and lesbians, and thugs.. It just wasn't even damn funny!! If it wasn't for my twilight sleep-esq love of my locks, I don't think I would have made it. I would have ran screaming back to the perm! But I took the red pill and all was revealed..

Or was it the blue one? It was a Matrix thing.. Or Alice in Wonderland.. Hell you get it..

I can't see myself getting a perm again.. Maybe one day a texturizer, but I don't even see that on the horizon. However when DH found out I was planning to take down my locks, his gears started turning immediately...

Towards me getting a perm... And when I said no... He flipped out. I mean called me all kinds of stupid bitches and everything.. And that I wasn't gonna like my regular hair, and I wasn't gonna be able to comb it and it was gonna be hideous, and ugly, and nappy and hard.. I mean just the most hurtful things about something I was born with, that is a part of my most natural, REAL self. Hmmm.. Seems he says a lot of hurtful things... But this is a hair blog, so I'm gonna stick with hair feelings...

I know my hair is not silky. I'm not white, and I'm not one of those first generation mixed kids.. I KNOW what my hair looks like.. But in my mind our hair is not ugly.. I mean if we don't do anything to it just let it stay dry and crusty, yeah that's ugly. But it would be even on his so called perfect type of hair.. But I've seen some hair that would be called the "rough stuff" and it looks FAB!!! Beautiful.. But those who think like him would say that bitch needs a perm, or that nigga needs a hair cut.. It's plain lunacy!!

I guess the point of all this, other than to just vent is you can't let others define you. You can't let people make you do things that you don't want to do. YOU KNOW YOU!! And I know "naps" are just tiny curls. They should be treated like curls.. I actually hate the term nappy.. I know I'll get a true flogging for that, but I do. Because it implies that our curls are lesser than a white persons or a mixed person- or anyone with big open curls and silky hair. That our hair is ugly and shouldn't be concidered hair.. It's just some nappy ass crap that needs to be covered or altered. Just plain vulgar. I just don't like the inplications.. That's all...

So I'm not using nappy anymore. I'm using curly from now on.. I may still use coily... And I'm not sure about coily either. But as I have a group called Springy Coils, I have to stand by coily for now. FOR... NOW.... LoL! I'm thinking of changing the title to something else that reflects this more equal status movement... I'll let yall know soon...

Well, I guess I'm done rambling for now. I'm going to try to get some picking done.. Maybe I'll get a couple taken down this weekend.. I can't wait to see my little springs free and thick.. Gonna be a real ride...

More to come...


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Natural Thoughts....

I have been stalking hair vlogs on YouTube and looking at all the product reviews.. Just having me a good time... Now not all hair I see is.... PLEASING to my eye.. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess and far be it from me, being a new Ne-Ga-Ro (Like how I did that.. Keep saying it.. You'll get it..), to deter anyone from a more natural life.. You're beautiful because you are as you are....

But even with all that.... I've noticed something....

Most highlighted naturals....

A. Have hair that shouldn't have been processed in the first place...


B. Are thin or have thin or small faces or heads..

So now then there's me.. Sure I was fine with my locks.. I was so in the romance and bliss and sugar snaps and farts stage of being natural that I just went with it.. Big ol' head and fat face and all.... I didn't care about hard hair cause I wanted it as hard and kinky as possible because (I believed)that would make me lock faster and make awesome locks.. And it did. My locks are awesome.. Lint and all. LoL! But a heavy woman can have locks.. Hell, stereotypically we are the ones with them. (The stereotype is not flattering.) But this is gonna be my natural, tightly curled, busy hair... On my fat head... Around my fat face.... kinda scary...

Fear won't stop me.. But has anyone else noticed this? Most of the naturals online look like models!! I'm wondering what will I do looking like regular old folks? I just took loose my 5th lock and am almost done with my 6th. (Yeah, I'm on a roll this weekend!! LoL!) Since I'm not destroying my already carpal tunnel ridden hands anymore on that debone line, I can take them loose more often, so probably in another month or 2 I'm gonna be totally loose!! I have to get some help with this or I'll be rocking some fierce hair.. With my HEAD DOWN!!! Not a good look..

So I have to get some confidence pretty damned fast... Still.. Has anyone noticed the whole "gotta be skinny and cute for natural hair" thing? Or is it just me?