Monday, May 05, 2014

A Few Candid Photos.

Ok, selfies. LoL! 

I attempted to preserve my curls so I wouldn't have to wet my hair every day. So after washing and drying and wearing all day, I pinned it down with bobbies and the next day...

It worked pretty good. Most of the curls just vanished, but I liked the results. This was day 2. 

Day 3

A little frizzier, but still cool. 

By this day. I think this was like day 12. All the curls are pretty much gone. I had refreshed and remoisrurized my hair with water, spritz (water, aloe Vera juice, glycerine) and put some Cantu Curling Cream in it. (I am liking this product on old wash n go's. It doesn't really do too well on freshly washed hair for me.) I then put my hair in mini buns to stretch. This pic does not do the fullness I got justice. It was so big! LoL!! I think I will be stretching more often!! 


Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Yep I'm back on Blogger. Wordpress is nice and it's still there, but this is more convenient. So. My wordpress is still there. But my new blogging will take place here. 

Also be sure to check out my product review blog

I will be reviewing EVERYTHING there. Not just hair products. So check it out. Content may be slow for a second, but trust me, it will soon be jumpin. :)


Saturday, August 06, 2011

Don't forget...

Curlies, I am at Wordpress right now.

How have things been? Well, I've been using the same products pretty much. I've shaken it up a little with application, stopped using some products. (Bye Bye Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion! It started making my hair hard. My actual BEST day with it, was the FIRST time I used it!! And the softness didn't last after I woke up, but I just thought i was using it wrong. But it just does not work for me. Shame too.. Smelled SO good. Bye Bye Vo5 Moisture Milks. They don't soak into my hair correctly. I'll use the rest up for cowashes at some point, but.. It just doesn't work well anymore. I'm thinking it's the protein in it that makes it just not work for my hair. ) Started using some products MORE. (Long Aid likes to be pretty much stand alone. Aussie Moist makes a PERFECT leave in. Rebel just soaks it all up and gets SO soft. Plus it smells awesome for DAYS in my hair!)

My patch is pretty much grown out, so my head doesn't look abnormally weird anymore. (Just regular weird, LoL!) It's growing into a pretty well rounded fro. Great.

So come on and check out my new blog at wordpress.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just a quick reminder!!

AfroCurls, formally On A Journey is now on Wordpress. I won't give up this blog, and will be coming here from time to time- especially with product reviews. But for my daily blogging, I'm doing the wordpress thing. Stop by if you get a chance. AfroCurls On Wordpress.

So far I'm enjoying the loose life. I've been wearing my hair out at work. (EEK!) And everything is going pretty good. I even think DH is getting use to it.. :)

OK.. So I'll be at WP.. Getting my post on.. :p



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday 6/20/11

Monday 6/20/11

Well back at work again. Everyone else is enjoying day 4 at home. Friday was just 3 hours. Today is probably gonna be 10. But I need the money, so I gotta get it. 

  Anyway, this is a hair blog, not a broke-y bitch line right? LoL! Ok, so what IS going on with the hair on this fine day? Well I got tired of my hair being stuck to the back of my head in a dry mess when I wake up, so I decided to try baggy-ing (I can't spell, I know!) for the first time since jheri curl days. I spritzed and added some of the moisturizing lotion and a little Long Aid, put on my shower cap (I don't much line the ones I have. They're the colourful and like vinyl or something. I like the clear ones better, but this was all they had.) and my satin bonnet. When I woke up, through the caps my hair still felt the same. I was like "dammit!" Then I removed them... And it was pretty soft. Easily fluffed. If I'd gotten pressed for time, I could have just fluffed and left and not looked totally busted. The one thing I DIDN'T like was that "hat" smell that came from under that cap when I took it off! But it didn't last, so all in all, baggying works fine. My hair is still really, REALLY soft. I have to get some bigger, CLEAR conditioner caps though. (aka shower caps) So baggying works for Rebel. :)

  My products are holding up pretty well. The Captivating Curls is a good product. It pretty much does what it claims, I saw more curl definition and my hair seems shinier. (Probably from all the CONES in this conditioner! This stuff is SO not curly girl friendly! If I kept using this I'd have to probably shampoo in 2 months or EARLIER!) The Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion works pretty well, but I have to- well I don't HAVE to, but I FEEL I need to- reapply it. But it gets greasy really easy. I mean just looks GREEEEZY sometimes. I guess it's that "pink lotion" effect. I feel the need to rinse EVERY DAY with this, and that defeats the purpose of baggying. I still think this is a good product. I just have to figure out how much to use. I think it doesn't NEED to be reapplied in the morning if you use it that night maybe. I think I keep putting it on because it smells so GOOD! Kind of like bananas or something. That's the closest I can think of. Anyway it smells so nice I wanna keep putting it in and it turns into greasy hot ass mess. Then I gotta rinse it out. 

  And I think I "secretly" like rinsing. :p I just like to rinse it out. Get it all wet and not have to worry about reversion (straightened), excess dryness (Relaxed) or it taking 20 minutes and then being SOAKING wet and taking all day to dry! (Locs) I know this is gonna get harder as my hair gets longer. I ALREADY notice it takes 10 minutes to detangle now. (I know, waaa, right? Ten WHOLE minutes! When lots of ladies spend 30+! 10 is a LOT for me! I'm LAZY!! LoL!) Not sure if it's because of the way I apply product or it's ALREADY growing! But it gets tangled more now. Hair loss is not massive, but damn! This is a TWA! or is it? I actually don't know what this is. My hair is under my chin in the front stretched. But the sides and back are short. So I call it a TWA still. ANYWAY! It shouldn't take long yet. LoL! 

  But even THAT I enjoy! I LOVE my hair. Who knew? If someone had told me that "nappy" wouldn't be in my vocab, and I'd LOVE my tight curls, I would consider "you need a perm" like sayin' "Yo' mama a stank bitch"- you fin'na get cussed out!- like 13 years ago, I would have called them CRAZY! Not miss "wanna be!" LoL! But here I am.. 33 years old. NATURAL! And proud of my tight ass curls! What a different mindset you have when you're grown up. :)

I guess that's it. It's time for slaving to take place. 


Jen :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I think I have a new home...

On WordPress. I'm going to be on there a lot from now on. The photo upload is much faster. and it's not a bad format. :)

So when you get time, stop by AfroCurls on WordPress.. I'll still be here occassionally, but I think I'll be there more.

Here's the link.



New Products to try!! Always awesome!! :)

Good or bad, I LOVE having new products to test. And I have my little haul from Walmart last night. Right now I'm sitting here with Suave Captivating Curls conditioner in my hair, letting it work it's magic with my shower cap on it.. So far, it's OK. It's no Aussie Moist, but it's pretty good for under $2. It has great slip, but not as good as the Aussie. (I FINALLY got my huge bottle with the pump. SO happy right now.)

The hype:

Suave Professionals NEW Captivating Curls Conditioner

Salon proven to define curls as well as Redken

For curly or Wavy Hair

Salon quality hair care system proven to moisturize, control, and define curls as well as Redken Fresh Curls shampoo and conditoner. (I'mma have to stop them there, there is no way in HELL I'm using that sulfate shampoo on my hair.. Well, maybe.. But not on a regular basis. IF I used it, it would be 2-4 times a year.)

Moisturizing conditoner enriched with an anti-frizz complex nourishes and softens curls for frizz control and shine. Apply, rinse.

Up to 2X more curl definition! (Shampoo & Conditioner vs. non conditioning shampoo alone. Which is just stupid. I always hate this with systems. Saying the whole system works better than just a non conditioning shampoo ALONE just seems like you think your customers are idiots- or your product isn't any better than anyone elses.. But you think we won't read the fine print. What sucks is it's on most conditoners and shampoos that boast to be better.. Just plain... STOP it..)

OK, this is part one. The application. As I said, the conditioner has good slip. I had a bit of shedding, but it may not be due to this product. It may be just shedding, as I only detangle once a week.. Plus it wasn't THAT much shedding.. You know we naturals are paranoid about maintaining length and just making sure we nurture or strands PERIOD. My hair seemed to actually soak up this stuff like NOTHING! So it's good it's cheap. I mean I was SLATHERING it on, and it was just disappearing into my hair. I don't know if that's good or bad. My hair isn't very porous, so I don't know what to tell ya. The bottle still has a lot of conditioner in it. It's 14.5 oz (428 mL), and I feel it will last a month with weekly use.. Maybe even longer. All in all so far so good. I'd say at this point, it's worth the $1.78 I paid for it.. Or $1.97.. something like that.

The smell, is typical Suave Professionals. It's not the Naturals smell. No coconut, no strawberry, no sunshine and farts (Not even sure if THAT'S a good thing. LoL!) .. It's just Suave smell. I really don't have an issue with it, but I can't say it smells "luxurious". Just smells like conditioner... By Suave.. OK.. It's thick. Thicker than the Suave Naturals, more like lotion. And there is dimethicone in it.. LOTS of dimethicone. It's the 3rd ingredient in here, so if you don't like cones, keep walking cause this stuff is FULL of it!! I didnt' see that when I bought it, and I actually JUST read how far up on the list it is as I'm writing this! So that's a fail for me right there, as I exclusively co-wash. Dimethicone has to be shampooed out once it builds up, and I really don't like to shampoo.. this stuff is like cowashing with Aveeno LOTION! It rinses away (eventually) with water from your hands, but it takes a bit of working.

Here's your ingredient list:

Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Behentrimonium Chloride, Fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Potassium Chloride, Amodimethicone, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, PEG-150 Disterate, PEG-7 Propylheptyl Ether, Cetrimonium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Silk, Silk Amino Acids, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Niacinamide.

I'm deep conditioning with it right now and I'm about to rinse it out and see what I'm left with. Normally I leave it in for hours.. But the smell of this is kinda getting to me. Making me a bit nauseous, so I guess 2 hours will do! LoL!!

OK. Now I'm all rinsed out and styled. I'm pretty happy with the results, BUT I can't say if it's the conditioner OR that I'm getting better with applying my stylers.. BUT, I did notice more curls defined before adding product than normal. So I guess it did define curls. Then again, so does Aussie. LoL! It's really not a bad product, I will use it up and may buy it again. I am a fan of Suave. All in all, it's nothing to write home about, but it is good. I'd recommend it to another curly gal out there.

The other product is the Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion by African Pride.

I like the smell of this product, but you can use it on we hair. I found that out JUST now. I tried to use it like hair milk on wet hair, expecting it to just maybe leave a little with haze that will dry clear... NOTHING DOIN'!! It started running back out of my hair and down my face, so I had to rinse that out. Too many oils I guess. I guess this is a damp hair product at best. Mostly made for use on dry hair. So I guess it fall in the catagory of "finisher" products. I was able to towel dry my hair a little and add a LITTLE bit under my Long Aid. It seems to be working and my hair is really soft. I'm actually thinking this may be a good idea for ALL my products. My hair won't absorb products wet. They just seem to bead up and sit on top. Especially in the front. But even with the little bit I was able to put in my hair damp, it smell really good. :)

here are those ingredients: (I think I listed them in another post.. I THINK I've pasted that here already. LoL! It gets confusing, all that copying and pasting from days past..)

Water, Soybean Oil, Propylene Glycol, Olive Oil, Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, Panax Ginseng root Extract, Rosemary Extract, Horsetail extract, Tea Tree Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Steareth-2, Steareth-20, Polyquaternium-37, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, PPG-1, Dimethicone, DMDM Hydantoin, TBHQ, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, CI19140 (FD&C Yellow #5), Fragrance

This list is looking pretty good to me. I'm no chemist, so I really don't know what those last ingredients are or what they are for, but the first ingredients sound edible! LoL! Like I can take this stuff and cook with it. There does seem to be a learning curve to using it though. I mean, I KNEW how to use lotions and such, i mean we use to SCRAMBLE to get that Pink Lotion.. But now we know about curl definition and all that crap and I'm still nervous about disturbing my curl pattern and all that. But I don't know why, cause I'm not a 2b or anything. A catagory 5 HURICANE couldn't disturb my curl pattern!! It is pretty much set in stone. Still, you know how new naturals are, they want to be as delicate as possible instead of getting all up in there. This hair I don't really KNOW yet. I mean, I had my last perm April 30, 2005. So I've been on the natural path for 6 years.. BUT all those years have been in locs. So I don't know what to do with my natural CURLS just yet. I'll get it. Anyway, all in all... I am loving this product so far. Long as I use it on hair AFTER it's dried. LoL!

Anyway, what else? I'm getting use to the fact that these little things on my head ARE curls and my patch is really growing out and looking more normal... but I have a really big HEAD! LoL! I take pictures of my patch and my hairline is like the size of a football field!! It looks so funny in pictures. That has ALWAYS been a problem of mine. I feel weird about my hairline. It is just so MUCH of it.. I guess I should be happy. I'm not bald.. I have hair to spare.. LoL!

Well, guess I'm done.. For NOW!! Here are some shots of Rebel for the week.. Wish this uploaded faster!



The SOLO Shopping Trip

The SOLO Shopping Trip

  How awesome it was! And what a haul I came away with! Of course I got the usual groceries, BUT I was able to spend 45 minutes in the hair isle! I know, right?! Shopping sans hubby is really fun! Anyway. I saw the usual Wally-World stuff, Cantu, Just for Me Hair Milk (I'm instinctively turned off by any product with "straightening" right on front of the bottle.), That "Mizini" or what ever that petroleum ladened crap is called. Oh! I looked long and hard at everything. I actually found my Aussie Moist in the pump bottle ($4.84!! I was gonna pay $7 for this crap online!). That made me happy. :) I found Suave Captivating Curls conditioner, so I'm going to review that soon. Got my shower caps and some more satin bonnets...

  Then I saw it. African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula MAXIMUM STRENGTHENING Moisturizer Lotion. $2.87 for 12oz. It was petroleum free, and smelled WONDERFUL, so I decided I'd try it. Why not? Well I gathered my crap and came back to work to wait for DH to get off. Once parked, I decided to put a little of it in my hair. The Long Aid already had it soft with all the humidity today, so I figured what could go wrong? 

  My.. Hair... melted... Like... BUTTER!!! and the smell in the bottle does not do it justice, cause your hair smells so good after.. Like some sort of candy. I can't place it really, but it smells so sweet and good. And my hair is so SOFT right now!! This isn't a "proper" review, as I like to do those with clean hair. But I think this product is a winner. It had everything I want. For $2.87. Spectacular. :)

The ingredient list is terrific!

Water, soybean oil, propylene glycol, olive fruit oil, Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, ginseng root extract, Rosemary leaf extract, horsetail extract, tea tree leaf oil- just to name a few. There is Lanolin oil, but it's in the last ingredients, as is dimethicone, but I can live with these ingredients so far down the list. 

  I used it like 2 hours ago and my hair is still really soft and that smell is still going strong. (If you don't sweet smells, I'm sure there is a version somewhere with less scent. Then again, this product is so inexpensive there may not be! LoL!) 

 Now, it's dark & I'm looking in my car mirror but looks like my little curls are poppin' all over. This may be good for low humidity days product. I just can't get over the SOFTNESS!! Even DH felt it and was happy at how soft it is. He said the smell was ok. Then said he likes it! I guess this product is a miracle! LoL! If it makes him like ANYTHING about my natural hair it must be a miracle product. 

Holy Grail? Maybe. I have to try it more than once & on clean hair. I'll use it tonight before putting on my satin bonnet and see how it feels in the morning, AND after co-washing to see if I feel the magic still. KeraCare taught me a lesson about declaring Holy Grail before you've truly tried a product start to finish! But it hair lotion, and I do love my lotions. I was looking for B&B castor oil lotion. Glad they were out of it, so I can try this out! LoL! 

 Well, that's all for now I guess. More details after the wash. :)



Friday 6/17/11

Friday 6/17/11

  Well everyone's off but me.. Well not EVERYONE. I'm helping another department out while the rest of the plant takes a 4 day break!! The things Ol' Need Mo will make you do. and it's STORMING out here, so some people are gonna use that as an excuse to not come in... Sooooo, we are likely to be here ALL night! Damn!

  Anyway, Rebel is LOVING all this humidity! It's 67% today and for Long Aid, that is OPTIMUM moisture weather! I also notice my little front poof is a little frizz pot!! It has a defined curl pattern and it's still 4 hair, but I can't really type it far as a letter. 4a maybe? It's not 4c because it is curly, not zig-zaggy. See, this is why I don't letter type my hair. It's just too mixed up for that. But it is type 4- or as I say Afro curls. I like Afro-Curls better. I know not all Africans have the same hair.. But MOST of us do. It paints a picture for a person who isn't actually touching your curls. 

ANYWAY!!! It is a frizzy poofy spot. I'm not really BOTHERED by it. Still, it would be nice if it would coil like the rest of it. But it is a part of Rebel's natural spirit, so I can dig it. AND tomorrow is WASH DAY!! if I get off early tonight by some miracle I am going to Walmart and see if I can pick up a few hair goodies along with groceries. I'll have time to shop if DH isn't with me, and if he is... I'll just have to make it quick! LoL!

  Well, to keep from rambling too much, I'll close my post here. There will be more to come. :p



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday 6/15/11

Wednesday 6/15/11

More drama with DH and the new hair. Remember I told the tale of the very embarrassed sales clerk at Fredrick's about 10 years ago when my hair was real short. Well, for some DUMB ASS reason, I mentioned it to him. Why did I even engage in conversation with him? Especially about hair. Well, I tell the tale to other women who have big chopped and feel bad and not "feminine" because of the new short hair. Not to make them feel worse, just to let them know I've been there and lived. That hair grows back. Well he decided say "Well, you DON'T look good with short hair." 

This is what you come up with... Really? I mean REALLY, DH? 

  Well, after a REAL evil eye moment, I was like "I look good with THIS short hair." I mean a LOT of neck rollin' was taking place ova there, honey child. He was like, "OK." As if to say I DON'T. Needless to say, I was quite heated. But I didn't fuss. Matter of fact, I didn't even want to get into it with him after that. I just said, "Well, hair does grow back." But I was thinking why do you love diggin' these holes? KNOWING when what I decide to do turns out AWESOME you end up looking like a pure-tee asshole. But even without all that, why would you say that to your loved one? "Loved" should I put it. I am my biggest critic. NOTHING looks good on me to me. But this I like. So that MUST mean it's fitting me PRETTY good at very least. And you tellin' me... Essentially, that I'm ugly. Just breaking it down. It is what it is. You tellin' me, that to you... I'm ugly. And this isn't the first damn time he has violated like that. He is TOO quick to say I'm ugly, fat, that I look like a man... But I can probably count the times he's complemented or told me I looked good. I mean without me asking him and he being ready to go, and wanting to just get me out of the house on time. 

  I remember a time when I would have just collapsed into a heaping pile of tears, but I guess I'm different now. I mean, if everyone was standing around me in a circle pointing and laughing and calling me ugly and throwing ROCKS at me calling me a hideous monster and the villagers were running after me with torches, maybe I'd feel so ugly I'd just start crying then. But I'm like. A hair style lasts 6 months befor it grows out unrecognizably. Not worth tears.. Not to me. Sorry...

  I don't know. I feel "manly" with my short hair IF I wear the wrong shirt. Like a plain Tee. But with a nice top. Nothing doing. I just don't hate the way this looks. I imagine as more people see it, I'll get some insults. But even that.. I really just don't care what they say. Anyone who has nothing but bad things to say about me, their input really means nothing to me. Seriously. You have a right to your opinion, but in the end.. Still my head.. I know.  It sucks, right. How they just WASTE breath? LoL! 

  Well, I guess that's it for now. OH! And I decided to keep the mid week rinse in my routine. I think it is a humidity thing as far as the dryness. And I can't get a real result today, as the humidity here is 38%. No humidity for my Long Aid to flourish in my hair. Suuuuucks.. So I just rinsed and added about a dime sized dollop of leave-in. Sealed and put the Long Aid in. It's a little dry still, but I think the rinse is a good thing. I just gotta find something to get moisture back in quickly. I'm a master natural, but my major is in Locs. Loose is new. :p So I'm still working on a routine. But I think the midweek rinse is good. :)

Well, that's it I guess. 



Tuesday 6/14/11

Tuesday 6/14/11

  Well I knew it was coming sooner or later. The "fat" day. Yes, today is my "cain't get rite" day. I feel fat and uncomfortable!! Like everything is on me WRONG!! I normally protect and cover my hair with my satin bonnet and scarf. Well the scarf feels like it too tight and in my face, my pants feel way too tight, I just feel bungled up and stuffed in a SAUSAGE casing!! Then Rebel is PUSHING the scarf FURTHER into my eyes! I am just UNCOMFORTABLE PERIOD!! UUUUUUGGGGG!!! 

Ok, enough temper tantrum. :p

  It's getting to be the middle of the week, and on cue Rebel feels sticky!! I'm like "GIRL!! Chill. Don't you remember what happened LAST week when I rinsed you mid week? DRY AS HELL! Sit down some where." LoL! Maybe she actually DOES need to be rinsed out mid week, but I HATE that dry "first day" feel. My first day hair is always dry. I can wash with glycerin and LARD and my hair would STILL be dry and dull on the first day. I don't know, maybe it looks fine, but to me it's a dry frizzy mess!! It's been that way from relaxed days to natural days. The only time it DIDN'T bother me was when I was locked. Because frizz was not an issue to me then. But since I am a Long Aid fan, it gets sticky after a few days.. I guess I'mma have to rinse her out tomorrow. It's weird. She's not sticky when I wake up, BUT after the day and I uncover everything she sticky as hell. It's not an "eeeewwwwww! You sticky!! Nasty!" feeling. Just that "curl activator" feel. Anyone familiar with jheri curls know what it feels like. THAT feeling. Maybe I need to learn to deal with it. That is if I don't want to dry my hair out so much. 

 All in all I guess I'm doing fine. Just a little irritable. I'm still loving the loose life. I have really... REALLY bad HIH!! My hands are ALWAYS finding their way to my curls! LoL! I am forever fluffing or just pulling a curl or SOMETHING! I don't see any damage from it and I actually think Rebel loves it. :) It's funny how i talk about Rebel Like a separate person, right? Anyone who didn't know we name our hair would be like "Is she talking about a cat?" No, Boo Boo. The Fro. LoL! 

I was watching a YouTube video Sunday and this lady was talking about short natural hair and her feelings on it. (not for her. I respect that.) I agreed with her to a certain extent. Until she got to women with long hair seem to "take care of herself". Now, I just cut my hair off, so do I look unkept as result of that? Personally, I don't think people with long hair look any more well "kept" than a person with shor hair. In fact I don't really even notice long hair much. ESPECIALLY long straight hair. I do notice "big" hair. I mean I ain't mad at her as those were her views. She's got a right to her opinion. I just hope the rest of the world doesn't share her views. 

  Then again... Would I "care" if they did? Prolly not. :p As far as not looking good with short hair.. I always thought I looked bad with short hair. Honestly in my opinion I look just as "good" with this new short hair as I did with locs and BETTER than I did with relaxed hair. NOW, I DON'T look that good if I try to wear it in a bob type style short. It makes my head and face look real BIG! but up and away from my face? GOLDEN! I'm in love with this new style. So.. I think it's about finding he right style for your face than focusing on length. Just a thought. 

  Well, it's time to start my day, so I guess it's time to wrap it up. :)



Monday 6/13/11

Monday 6/13/11

  Well it's Monday again. Seems like the weekend just FLIES by!! I guess I'm thankful to HAVE a job. Still I would LOVE to be a "house wife" right about now. Tired of slaving! LoL!

  I was just thinking. I wonder what my co-workers and buddies think about my hair? By now they all know it's loose and I've shared with those who ask if I plan to perm it that I do not plan to.... 

But they've never actually SEEN my hair!! 

  Now, I don't go around with my head covered when I'm out and about. ESPECIALLY since I evened it out!! Oh, I FLAUNT them lil' curls!! LoL! But not at work. So I bet they assume I'm just ashamed of my "nappy" ass head. That it looks so bad I won't let anyone see it. LoL! JUST cause they haven't seen it yet. Like THEY are that "important" to me. Not at all. 

Personally, I feel it's none of their business. Plain and blunt. I have no real interest in sharing this leg of the "journey with them. They are not the type of people who would understand why on Earth I wouldn't want straight hair- or care to understand it. Plus in the last year and 4 months of me knowing them they have gone out of their way to show me just how devious and just damn NASTY they can be. I mean, they are worse than ANY seasoned criminal you'll ever run into. I'mma tell ya, they'd give any demon a run for it's money!! So, with all that negativity around all the time, I'd just rather keep my hair covered, as I am a big believer in the connection of energy, hair, and spiritual well being. Negative energy DOES RUB OFF. Can't stop it, but I'm not gonna give them any ammo to spread that negativity. I had actually started covering my locs all the time at work, so this is not new. 

  I imagine at SOME point they'll see it out and about somewhere. A FEW people have actually seen it. Like my head is uncovered when I arrive at work and a few minutes after, so maybe 3 people have seen it. One when it was ALL jacked up!! LoL! But he really wasn't paying much attention. :) They'll see it when they see it. Personally, I don't care if they NEVER see it! LoL!

  Another thought for y'all to chew on. Interracial marriage. Now, I have no beef with it per se. A lot of us wouldn't even BE here if no one was down with the "swirl". But what gets me is guys who marry outside their "race", but still wanna "Fu*k" around with their "race". 

Now I know black women who are happy to do him! Like they are "taking" him back from that (usually) white woman. And they brag and gloat.. But chew on this little nugget. 

He still MARRIED the white woman. All you are good enough to be is his "ho". Don't feel like such an "accomplishment" now, does it? Don't see no ring on yo' finger. In that man's mind, you are "good" enough to fu*k, but not "good" enough to MARRY. Sucks, but it is what it is. 

And I'll leave on that note.