Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday 6/17/11

Friday 6/17/11

  Well everyone's off but me.. Well not EVERYONE. I'm helping another department out while the rest of the plant takes a 4 day break!! The things Ol' Need Mo will make you do. and it's STORMING out here, so some people are gonna use that as an excuse to not come in... Sooooo, we are likely to be here ALL night! Damn!

  Anyway, Rebel is LOVING all this humidity! It's 67% today and for Long Aid, that is OPTIMUM moisture weather! I also notice my little front poof is a little frizz pot!! It has a defined curl pattern and it's still 4 hair, but I can't really type it far as a letter. 4a maybe? It's not 4c because it is curly, not zig-zaggy. See, this is why I don't letter type my hair. It's just too mixed up for that. But it is type 4- or as I say Afro curls. I like Afro-Curls better. I know not all Africans have the same hair.. But MOST of us do. It paints a picture for a person who isn't actually touching your curls. 

ANYWAY!!! It is a frizzy poofy spot. I'm not really BOTHERED by it. Still, it would be nice if it would coil like the rest of it. But it is a part of Rebel's natural spirit, so I can dig it. AND tomorrow is WASH DAY!! if I get off early tonight by some miracle I am going to Walmart and see if I can pick up a few hair goodies along with groceries. I'll have time to shop if DH isn't with me, and if he is... I'll just have to make it quick! LoL!

  Well, to keep from rambling too much, I'll close my post here. There will be more to come. :p



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