Saturday, June 04, 2011

New faster INTERNET...

Maybe I can upload some pictures now!! LoL!

Well, it's been like 3 weeks since I chopped my hair into a nice fro and discovered I'd botched the back.. I've been looking at it, and yes it does look oddly flat, but I am SO over it!! I'm coping and I DO NOT cover my head in public.. Also, I've been wearing it more fro like than curl like.. Like a chunky, curly fro.. Rebel is LOVING her new style. Don't think she LOVES being flat in the back, but she is like "gurrrrrl, I am WAY too fierce to worry bout what's goin' on back there!" LoL!!

I wonder why I was so ashamed of my hair in the past? I know public opinion plays a role when we're younger. I think I was just thinking my hair was different than it was.. I guess in my mind.. "better" than this.. Like the curls were bigger than they are.. And when I discovered they were TINY.. What folks call "naps".. Well.. I was just embarrassed... But now I know.. My hair is as it should be. It IS curly... RRRRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAALLY CURLY!! LoL!! And getting to know her, I think me and Rebel will get along just fine now..

Now if Rebel and DH will get along.. I'm not sure.. They are pretty much not speaking to each other right now. I catch DH lookin' at her like.. "UGH!" And she's lookin' at him like "Peesh! What EVA, Nigga." LoL! So they are not tight right now at ALL!! But I think she'll start to grow on him as she gets bigger and fuller in back.. And she will.. And I'll be happy, and she'll be happy, and DH... Well... Don't think men really get us and our hair or this natural hair obsession we have. So that remains to be seen.. If history is any indicator, he won't LOVE it.. But he'll learn to tollerate it at least. He'll stop insulting me so much about it.

OK.. On to products....

No more KeraCare.. I do have the Hair Milk left and I do use it pretty much daily. But I won't be buying anymore as far as I know. I like it better than the Butter Cream, but just because it soaks in faster. The Butter Cream is a little thicker. Still, pretty sure I won't purchase it.. I mean it's OK, but I'm sure I can find a cheaper, locally sold- Or BIGGER size at least cream moisturizer some where.

My Long Aid Curl Activator is doing WONDERFULLY now. It gets sticky nearing wash day, but since I figured out, NO ma'am.. I can't shingle with it.. Too greasy and wet.. BUT if I just work some in.. Back and front.. The stickiness is tollerable and the wetness isn't so bad. Plus it keeps my hair soft and pops those cute little curls PERFECTLY! Plus 16.5oz for less than $4.. Can't beat that. I bought more yesterday. :) It is a keeper.

Washing, you know I'm a co-washer. I only use Shampoo when I really REALLY need to. I used that Cleansing Cream from KeraCare and my hair started to stiffen up.. So.. Even sulfate free stuff dries my hair out. For co-washes I've been using Aussie Moist. I am BLOWING through that little bottle though. I gotta find a bigger size.. The one with the pump would be nice. I also have Vo5 Moisture Milks Conditioner in Passion Fruit Smoothie. It's a staple product, and since it's so light, I can use it as a leave in too. So I'm going to be keeping both those on hand.

Of course my LouAna Coconut oil for sealing. 32oz for just $5!!

Very simple routine so far and I'm hoping I can keep it as simple as it is now.. I know more has to be done once Rebel gets bigger, but for now.. It's pretty simple.. I actually had no idea it was so simple, as DH seems to think I'm making too much of this whole natural deal. But my routine is as simple as it was when I was locked.. AND relaxed!! LoL! Simple gal I guess.

I only comb once a week. I comb when my hair is wet and FULL of conditioner.. I detangle and rinse.. After that, no more combing except MAYBE finger combing while I'm applying product. I've had little shedding so far, so I must be doin' it right. LoL!

And that's it... All I do..

And that's it for the week.. Hopefully the photo upload works now..



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