Thursday, June 09, 2011

Wednesday 6/8/11

I hate to keep repeating myself. LoL! But I'm trying to blog more and really journal this part of my journey. I kinda documented my locking process but not as much as I SHOULD have. So now y'all ain't gon be able to get ridda me. :p

Anyway, each day I get a little more comfortable with my curls. Evening it out helped A LOT! I do notice I need a rinse by mid week with Long Aid as it's pretty sticky by then. So today I just hopped in the shower, rinsed it out real good (my hair, not the shower.), and added a little Vo5 as my leave-in. I MEANT to use some of that KeraCare Hair Milk, but I forgot. I sealed with some coconut oil, got dressed, which gave my hair a minute to dry a LITTLE bit, then added my Long Aid. It looked refreshed. :) I did NOT detangle my hair!! I still plan to only detangle once a week. Honestly there is no reason in my mind to do so more than that. My hair isn't matting or really knotting up. So once a week seems fine. BUT I do need to rinse mid week as I said to keep my Long Aid from building up so bad. Not that Long Aid "builds up" per se. But it does... I guess "piles up" is a better way to put it. As it really doesn't cause an ugly hard to wash away film, but because I use so much of it it gets sticky and I just have to remove it.

And how easy is it to remove Long Aid from your hair? Got water? THAT'S ALL YOU NEED!! LoL! The stuff actually RINSES out!! How many curly products can make THAT claim?!! So it's a perfect product for co-washers like myself. I imagine it would work for those using the "Curly Girl" method too, as it is cone free. Not sure exactly if I'm on the Curly Girl method or not. I'll have to research that this weekend. I do exclusively co-wash for the most part and keep detangling to a minimum. Or should I say combing to a minimum. And I must say my little curls are POPPIN'!! I must say, Rebel seems really happy.

DH isn't really saying much. He doesn't like it. Like yesterday, I just bluntly told him, "I cut it.. Can't glue it back on." *DEAD* I tickled myself thinking about it!! LoL! But honestly. I want it to grow long and thick and BIG...

But I like the new short hair... And secretly.. Well maybe not much of a secret... I think I always HAVE loved short hair. Hmmmmmm... Repressed memory much? LoL! I was FOREVER cutting my hair as a youth. Much to my mom's dismay. I was always in trouble about my snippy snippy. :p

Well this has been quite a rant! LoL! Hope I'm not boring y'all too much. :) OH, almost forgot. Keystone Labs is supposed to be sending me a "gift bag". Keystone Labs is the makers of Long Aid and several other hair care products. I think (THINK!! Don't get me to lying! LoL!) they are a black owned company. Or began as one or something. So that's a plus I guess. They make more than Long Aid, I just can't think of them all right now. I know they make "Better Braids" and I think "Better Locs" sprays. I'll have to look it up again and list the products. Or you can go to The also have a facebook page you can like them on.

OK. Done promoting and rambling. More (unfortunately) to come. :)




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