Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday 6/10/11

Friday 6/10/11

I remember when I began my loc journey and I felt such a connection to nature and the energy of the universe. I felt the strongest connection with trees. Because the branches remindedr me of wild free locs. Mine to be specific. What's funny is you'd think I wouldn't feel that now being loose.

But I still do! A nice bushy tree reminds me of my fro. It's all free and natural. I see my hair in trees. Damn. LoL! Now I'm sure you've heard it all!!

It's amazing where natural hair will take you mentally. I'm sure I wouldn't have these feelings if my hair was relaxed. I ONLY felt somewhat normal wiu relaxed hair when it had started getting "old" and I had it styled BIG! There is just something with me and wild free hair. Maybe it fits my little known persona. I, like my hair, am a rebel at heart so I guess that's why I like it like that. :)

OK. On to the hair talk. Rebel is feeling a little better today. (despite my own hangover!!) She starting to feel soft again.. JUST in time for wash day!! Ain't that always the way? Your hair starts getting "right" just in time to get washed. Or co-washed in my case. But it's gotta be done, so. Is she growing? Maybe. It's only been 20 days since the cut, so it's doubtful there is any noticeable growth yet. She does look a hell of a lot BETTER since I evened it out a little. It's still flat in the back. But it probably would be anyway, as my head is ACTUALLY flat in the back. Not a little flat.. Not a flat "egg". My head has basically no roundness in the back!! LoL! But that's ok I guess. Just another little unique feature that makes me me. But it does look funny as SHIT with the short cut! LoL! I'll survive it. And hair does grow back.

Well, I suppose that's all for today. I'm sure there will be more tomorrow. Oh! And y'all coulda told me I was spellin' CIAO wrong!! LoL! I'm just CHAO'ing my ass off!! Wrong as hell! LoL!

Now!!! Ciao! Ewww.. Looks like it's STILL wrong! LoL!


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