Sunday, June 05, 2011

Gel Experiment.... Epic Fail...

I mixed some Smooth n Shine, Long Aid, and Coconut Oil together... And it was an epic fail.. My hair was not crunchy.. It didn't flake.. I just didn't look good as I wanted, so I had to rinse that stuff out, put some Vo5 in, sealed with coconut oil, and hit up my Long Aid. Now my fro is happy.. Also, I've found that my hair just looks better at this length UP.. Not pulled down around my face. The reason for that is I have a very... VERY fat face! LoL! And with my full face, the hair is shrunken just above or MAYBE at the cheek. And what it does is makes my face just look FULLER.. Being up, I can't say it slims my face, but it doesn't add to the sheer VOLUME of face I have going on.. So I think this will be my style as long as my hair is willing to defy gravity. :)

Also, with all the searching, I think my first thing is my best thing. Just my Long Aid and a nice conditioner as a leave in.. Sealing with coconut oil.. It is just so moisturizing and my little curls are defined.. My hair looks great to ME, which is all that matters.. So why am I looking for products that cost me $30 a pop (they know who they are!! LoL!) When I can get my Long Aid (16oz for $4, 32oz for just $6 most times.), Aussie Moist for co-washes. (14oz, I think I paid $2.50 for it, maybe less.. I can get the pump{33.5oz}around $6 or $7 online and maybe at the right store.), My Vo5 (between $.88 and $1.50 at most places for 15oz.)My LouAna cocount oil (32oz for JUST almost $6) And done.. Just plain done and I've spent at most.. AT MOST.. $20.50 if I buy the big sizes of Aussie and Long Aid and have to buy ALL my products at the same time.. In a nut shell, I can probably take $25 to the store and with tax and all I have ALL my products.. You can not beat that price.. So I think I've found my staples for now.

Not saying I won't try products. Mostly conditioners and the like.. There are products I want to try. But as for all these curl definers and all that.. I think I'm so over that. I do like moisturizers, so that will probably be my PJ addiction. Hair milks, creams and the like. I won't be needing any real heavy stuff until my hair is longer.. That could be 5 years from now.. Wonder how big will my fro be in 5 years? Look how long my locs were.. Can you imagine... Rebel that long.. LoL! She will be fierce for sho'!!

Wonder what I'll be wanting to do with her 5 years from now? I really hope not PERMING her.. I say I will never go back to the perms.. I think I can stick with that.. I remember I use to say locked for life!! And militantly encouraged everyone to join me in this.. And now look.. Not locked.. But I am clearly not dead yet.. Meaning I wasn't locked for life. So I guess the one thing I've learned (Other than patience for my hair.) is to never say never. Never even say always. Take life a day at a time, and just enjoy the scenery.. I loved my time locked, and now I'm loving my time loose and natural. I won't LIKELY perm my hair, as I don't really look that good with straight strands. My hair has always looked better BIG, so a perm probably isn't in my future. So that much I can say.. HOWEVER.. I can't say I'll never flat iron or straighten my hair with heat.. Just not chemicals.. But even THAT is a ways down the line.. I just don't want straight hair.. Sorry..

Well, I guess that's it for now. Just wanted to chime in on how my gel mix worked.. Maybe it will work for twist outs, but I don't have any of those planned for quite some time, so it will be drawered for now. :) Me and Rebel are just gonna hang loose for awhile. LoL!!



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