Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday! Wash day!!

I really find myself so HAPPY it's wash day! I love washing and caring for my hair! Even the detanging is fun!! You get to see length and such and my hair is down to my NECK stretched out in the front, but with shrinkage, I have a TWA all the way around. It's wonderful either way. I've had long hair for years, so I'm not in any real hurry for my hair to get long- except for that back side.. I really need some roundness back there! LoL! But as for lenght and length checking and all that crap.. Maybe after a year or so I'll be curious about length and all that. For now I just want healthy hair, and it looks really... REALLY!! Robust and healthy!! :) And the curls are so wonderful.. I have so many springy well defined curls WITHOUT help!! I don't need HOLD, my curls hold all on their own!! All I have to do is co-wash ( I really need to find that big bottle of Aussie at a cheap price, because the regular size is only lasting about 4 washes!! then again at about $2.50 a bottle for a month of washes is pretty good.) Leave-in, seal, and Long Aid for curl definition and moisture (more for moisture than anything, as I said, my curls are really THERE!).. And I'm done.. Curly curls all over the place and happy ME right here, baby!! I imagine it will be more difficult once it gets longer, but for now.. I am on EASY street..

Any problems? Well, this wouldn't be the REAL world if there were NO problems.. My hair is always dry.. Long Aid does the best job with moisturizing, but there are always dry patches. My front is a really dry patch of hair, and I never noticed that. Also, I have loose curls in the front and more defined curls in the middle and around my hears.. The back is pretty much like the front, but from what I can see, DRIER!! Or it looks really dry. It feels pretty fine, but it looks really dry and... Not cute most of the time.. I mean, it's OK and I can live with it, but if I could find something that makes it LOOK moisturized, I'd be happy. I've heard all the hype from different products, but they are ultimately usually for other hair types than my little type 4 AfroCurls. If you have 3c hair your biggest problem is holding a curl and defining curls and eliminating frizz.. With type 4 there are other problems. Like my dryness and dullness that can't be cured with a little serum. I guess I just have to accept that it will always look like that and just be happy it's healthy...

And... Accepted.. :p (Still if I HAPPEN to find the miracle that changes that, I'm no idiot Imma be all over that! LoL!! But I gotta have some proof!! A sample or something.)

I was thinking of revisiting BB Castor oil hair lotion. it worked pretty good when I was relaxed.. I don't want to put bad products in my hair. As Taren of Areyaa said, once you know, you can't go back to NOT knowing. And that is so true. I know I don't want mineral oil and the likes in my hair anymore. I hate that I have to use petroleum jelly on my skin because of my eczema. If I could find a natural oil, I'd stop using that too. I'm thinking of trying to use my coconut oil again, as my eczema is kind of in remission a little bit. Last time it made me break out. The only think I can use is the grease and I HATE it. it makes my skin look so old.. Well, older than normal. I'd love to go back to regular lotion like normal people...

Oh well.. At least my hair can enjoy the good healthy life. LoL! Anyway, I'll research the B&B first then decide, cause it is hella cheap. Like $3 if I can remember correctly and it lasted FOREVER! Way better then Luster's Pink lotion.. More moisturizing and absorbed much better into my hair. Pink lotion took too long to soak in.

I also want to try the other products. The usual Mixed Chicks and the likes of those. Miss Jessie's just really doesn't turn my head. I mean, if I was able to get it free or at a deep.. DEEP discount I'd give it a try, but other than that.. I'll pass.. But Mixed Chicks sound promising as well as Jane Carter solution. Both sound like great products, but I also know they were not made for my hair type, but they might have some benefits. Still, I'd have to try a sample first. Imagine if I'd bought KeraCare only to find out it FLAKED like crazy.. I'd be TOTALLY pissed!

Well, I guess that's it.. I'm doing a deep condition with my Aussie Moist. I must look a hot damn mess. I got my plastic bag on my head... Let me elaborate on that.. My plastic bag.. Is just that.. A SHOPPING BAG!! LoL!! I got my satin bonnet on top just to keep from looking so silly.. I'll have shower caps once I go shopping, but this actually works the same.. Still, I'd rather have the genuine article. I reuse them until they just fall apart or get cluttered with crap I can't wash out.. One cap can last me months. A pack of caps last me over a YEAR! At maybe $1 a pack.. it's worth it. Still, keep in mind.. Them Walmart bags are a good alternative if you're into the green thing. :)

Well, that's it for now. I've rambled too long and I have to get to YouTube to do some video watching!!

Check Ya LATA!!!!




  1. Love this post! I'm a 4 too, and I don't find mixed chicks works for me. I got the leave in, and it was $20 wasted. I'm gonna try it on my daughter and see if it'll work for her so at least the product isn't wasted! Enjoy your journey!

  2. Yeah, I'm not willing to spend $20 on a maybe product. LoL!