Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monday 6/13/11

Monday 6/13/11

  Well it's Monday again. Seems like the weekend just FLIES by!! I guess I'm thankful to HAVE a job. Still I would LOVE to be a "house wife" right about now. Tired of slaving! LoL!

  I was just thinking. I wonder what my co-workers and buddies think about my hair? By now they all know it's loose and I've shared with those who ask if I plan to perm it that I do not plan to.... 

But they've never actually SEEN my hair!! 

  Now, I don't go around with my head covered when I'm out and about. ESPECIALLY since I evened it out!! Oh, I FLAUNT them lil' curls!! LoL! But not at work. So I bet they assume I'm just ashamed of my "nappy" ass head. That it looks so bad I won't let anyone see it. LoL! JUST cause they haven't seen it yet. Like THEY are that "important" to me. Not at all. 

Personally, I feel it's none of their business. Plain and blunt. I have no real interest in sharing this leg of the "journey with them. They are not the type of people who would understand why on Earth I wouldn't want straight hair- or care to understand it. Plus in the last year and 4 months of me knowing them they have gone out of their way to show me just how devious and just damn NASTY they can be. I mean, they are worse than ANY seasoned criminal you'll ever run into. I'mma tell ya, they'd give any demon a run for it's money!! So, with all that negativity around all the time, I'd just rather keep my hair covered, as I am a big believer in the connection of energy, hair, and spiritual well being. Negative energy DOES RUB OFF. Can't stop it, but I'm not gonna give them any ammo to spread that negativity. I had actually started covering my locs all the time at work, so this is not new. 

  I imagine at SOME point they'll see it out and about somewhere. A FEW people have actually seen it. Like my head is uncovered when I arrive at work and a few minutes after, so maybe 3 people have seen it. One when it was ALL jacked up!! LoL! But he really wasn't paying much attention. :) They'll see it when they see it. Personally, I don't care if they NEVER see it! LoL!

  Another thought for y'all to chew on. Interracial marriage. Now, I have no beef with it per se. A lot of us wouldn't even BE here if no one was down with the "swirl". But what gets me is guys who marry outside their "race", but still wanna "Fu*k" around with their "race". 

Now I know black women who are happy to do him! Like they are "taking" him back from that (usually) white woman. And they brag and gloat.. But chew on this little nugget. 

He still MARRIED the white woman. All you are good enough to be is his "ho". Don't feel like such an "accomplishment" now, does it? Don't see no ring on yo' finger. In that man's mind, you are "good" enough to fu*k, but not "good" enough to MARRY. Sucks, but it is what it is. 

And I'll leave on that note. 



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