Friday, November 26, 2010

This Journey...

Well as you probably all know, I've been locked and a locking advocate for over 5 years. I'm stilla lock advocate, but honestly... I think I wanna be loose again. I know, it is so unexpected. But just as I felt it was just time to lock, now I feel it's time to free them. I love locks and I wouldn't be surprised if 5 yrs down the line I'll feel it's time to lock again. Who knows I may STAY locked now, but I think this is it folks. Jen's about to be a loose nap. :)

Now, for those who know my story, you know I went the dread life all alone. Well, looks like that's how it will be on this too. DH got use to my locks and now loves them because they are long now. He's from the old school where long hair is only second to SLICK and SILKY hair. Ugh. I get it, believe me I do. I'm having some issues with taking them down. Hell, I'm taking them down because I don't want to cut all that hair off. But I'm pretty sure if I was single, I'd BC this weekend. I'd regret it for a minute, but I'd love touching those soft kinky curls. But he brings up things like my hair would look horrible. And it would be too nappy. And I'd have to perm it for it to work!! Look folks, this desire to BC or take down my "forever" locks has made me reevaluate my "never" vows. But that is one I can say NEVER to!! Because a perm is not necessary. EVER! From relaxers to curly perms to texturizers. From black, to white, to Asian, Indian- here is no reason to chemically alter your beautiful natural hair. PERIOD. We're all beautiful. Naturally.

But dreads are spiritual. I still believe that. I wouldn't undo my locking experience for ANYTHING! I learned so much locking. The patience, and knowledge obtained from locking is just magical. :) But it's that wisdom that let's Maximus that there's a time to set em free sometimes. And that I used my locks to just not deal with my hair. Underneath it all, I assumed my hair was just good for locking. Maybe I was right. But something is telling me my hair is HAIR. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Well, that's my post. For now. I think I'll be here much more these days. :)