Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh the hard... Hard... HARD....

WORK!!! Locs are hard to take down.. I see why people cut them instead of picking them apart...


Smart ass me, decided to not cut my hair again... Well, not MAJOR cutting anyway. Maybe it's spiritual.. Maybe I just don't look good with small hair.. Either way.. No cutting... Right...

Anyway, I'm taking down I think my 5th loc. Which sucks cause when you're done, it's so skinny that you can join two.. NO you HAVE to join two just to get a good sized twist.. Seems not worth it and if you DON'T have a cutting vice, I say go ahead and just chop.. At least half the lock off if they are long as mine. (They're bra band length in some spots.)I would NOT be mad at cha. LoL!

But here I am picking. I found a small toothed comb in the bathroom (Might be mine... Maybe have been here when I moved in.. Not sure.) and I have my shoe needles or craft.. What the hell do you call 'em... NEEDLE POINT needles.. My hot conditioner water.. And I'm just picking... And the worry sets in....

These curls, though curls they are.. (I DO know that naps are just tiny curls..) They are little and they are... Kinda course... And in other spots they are kinda frizzy.. And I am a little scared as to how I'm going to pull all that into a nice head of hair.. Sure all hair is good hair.. But looking like a chicken is not a good look, boo boo... I have some starter products.. My LongAid activator, my Smooth N Shine gel... Some coconut oil as I've always used.. Or at least in the last couple years. But I'm thinking I'm going to need lots of products and mostly stick to twist outs instead of wash and goes cause I get loads of shrinkage, which is not entirely bad cause I get my big hair like that... But also because it would just friggin tangle so terribly that I'd never get it loose- I'd RElock and that's not what I'm going through all these hours of unpicking to do... Well, at least not right now... It's not out of the question to lock again.. Just right now.. I am wanting to dig these curls and coils for a minute... :)

DH is still thinking I need a perm or a texturizer or to texlax my hair for it to look right... Now, you know I am against chemicals in the hair and I'm going to try to prove him wrong.. I think I can.. But I don't condemn those who decide to process their hair anymore.. It's not worth the effort.. It's almost like telling white girls you don't need blond hair and double D's to be hot.. It just will end with you making them feel bad AND ugly because they can't grasp it and you'll just be damn TIRED.. Everyone knows what they need to do at that time to feel better.. Let 'em do it.. They'll come around sooner or later, and realize that "Hey.. I was made just as I was intended to be and whoever doesn't like it can suck it!" LoL! In any case, I think I'll convince MYSELF that my little curls are beautiful LOOOOOONG before I can convince DH that they are cute and beautiful and just as awesome as them big old silky curls. But it won't be easy.. Remember what I went through with him when I was locking? Yeah.. I'm looking to be in for the same kinda crap..

Anyway, I guess I'm done rambling.. I got over here to rest my hands and kinda give yall a taste of what I'm up to with the locked to loose journey. I should be able to get some taken down since I'm off for a week.. VACATION baby!! LoL!!

More to come.... :)


Monday, April 11, 2011


I took some pictures!!! Yeah! As you know I took about 4 locks loose and I've been practicing on that hair to see the texture and how much product it needs (LOADS!!) and I must say.. I'm loving this hair... I can't wait to get it all taken down!! However I do see I'm going to have to load on the gel or cream or WHATEVER I decide to use to define curl to control FRIZZ!!! My hair has always been very frizzy so I don't see why it would be any different as an adult. :p Anyway, a few impromptu pictures...

I just took loose a twist, washed it...


Vo5 as a leave in
LongAid Curl Activator Gel
Smooth n Shine Gellations Styling Gel

I didn't use much because for such a small section, I didn't think it needed it... It needed it. After 5 minutes the frizz started in.. But the ends were AWESOME!! More product and it would have been IN THERE! LoL! I think my hair isn't a 4b/c as I thought either.. It is a mix of 3c and 4a-c. :p

Anyway, here are the pics..

Hopefully there will be many more to come. :)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Locked to Loose... Sounded so simple...

But it is hard as FIRECRACKERS!! I decided to actuall do it in January this yesr and I've undone 4. FOUR!!!! My hands were getting better.. Then came breast debone. And now thar are screwed up again. So it hurts to pick the hair apart for so long. So I could just cut it.. But I can't bring myself to part with that much hair yet. I know beauty is not in hair length or texture... But come on!!! it's half way my back. I grew this for 5 1/2 years!! I'm attached to it! I know it's time to free them, but I just don't know how to go about it just yet. I did decide to separate some of the multi headed dragons up there and accidently chopped off a LONG head.. (LoL! Sounds weird right?) I hated it but, it happens..

I'm alright. :) I had to separate them because it would save SO much time undoing them. Heads take as long to undo as the lock itself.. You'd be adding time.. PLUS.. You look less one sided if you take small locks loose. Instead of having a giant chunk of loose hair on one side and locks on the other side.. And it made them hang better and ponytail better.. So the chopping in half was not a bad idea....

Now if I can just GET THEM LOOSE!! LOL!! Should get easier as I'm off debone. (Yep, pay drop and all.:( BOO!!! ) But now my hands will get well and I can continue to take my locks down with my newly healed hands... I've been checking out YouTube kind of getting an idea of how to take care of the curls.. I've never had to do it actually. My mom always straightened it and when I got older we just relAXED it... Then I went straight to locks. So I've been natural for 5 1/2 years and have no idea how to take care of natural hair.. LoL! Well, natural LOOSE hair. So I'm going to need a lot of HELP.. But luckily I have internet which has Nappturality and YouTube and Google search and Bing... LoL!! I can find what I need.. :)

OK, damn, now I'm done rambling.. I do that sometimes.. :p


I'm done.. Just a quick ramble..