Friday, August 27, 2010

Five full years..

OK, now I'm pissed!! I accidentally deleted a 5 paragraph post, so now I'm paraphrasing.(sp?)

OK, loving the locks, though they are not as "fantastic" as they once were. They are awesome, but I'm just not as obsessed with them.

I"m using Suave Humicant. It works wonderfully.

I have lint. I've been maintaining them alone, so I can't see all over. It's really not bothering me that much.

I'm still smoke free. I quit December 13, 2009. I still have urges, but I"m fighting them off. :) I'm sticking with this as long as I can. :p

Still no kiddies yet.

Yeah, I was gonna wow yall, but I'm tired. I've been working 12+ days lately. I'm back in the workforce and according to the nation's reports, I should feel lucky. :)

There will be pictures as soon as I get a chance to snap some.. Wow.... Five years.. My locks are bra band lenght in most areas and getting DELIGHTFULLY in the way of EVERYTHING.. LoL!

See ya...