Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, my 'cut lust' has subsided and I'm perfectly happy and in love with my dreads again. They are really getting long now. :) Can't believe I was even entertaining the idea of having loose hair again. Hmm, goes to show you. Never make a rash decision because I would have been MAAAAD right now if I had cut my hair. LoL..

The glycerin spritz is working EXCELLENTLY.. I am loving it. Plus it brings my Suave shampoo and Conditioner up to the quality of any moisturizing product line. I've been co-washing most of the time. I haven't actually used shampoo in about 9 days. I know that's not long, but you're talking about someone who usually lathers up every 7 days MINIMUM!! Surprisingly, my locs are clean, but I do need to lather 'em up soon. They got maybe one or two more co-washes before they start looking... Ashy.. :p At least I'd imagine. I'm not sure of that. I guess I just like to lather up. LoL.. I will say this though, using just conditioner to rinse with, the softness, sheen, and moisture is THROUGH THE ROOF.. I never know my hair could be in such good condition. Even my loose roots are shedding a lot less. It's pretty cool.. In the future I'll be buying my Aloe and glycerin locally. (Saves shipping costs, and hubby is OK with the stuff, so I'm all good now.) I also know it's just a matter of time before the price goes up JUST because we're using it for our hair now. Them bastards never rest. Greedy fucker. :p

Anyway, I think I mentioned my rinsing method. You know, I put the conditioner on my DRY hair. Really SOAK it with it, making sure to get each dread coated, then ponytail it.. Then get rinse it out after my shower.. Long slow rinse.. 10 minutes or more... yeah, that is working out so well, I think I'll keep doing it. :) Well, you know when I co-wash that is to say. I think it pretty much works like Wen works.. But a whole HELL of a lot cheaper. (Except with Wen, you wet your hair THEN put it on. Most who cowash do the same thing. )

Well I guess that's all.. I have more e-Stops to make before the day is over. :)