Monday, May 05, 2014

A Few Candid Photos.

Ok, selfies. LoL! 

I attempted to preserve my curls so I wouldn't have to wet my hair every day. So after washing and drying and wearing all day, I pinned it down with bobbies and the next day...

It worked pretty good. Most of the curls just vanished, but I liked the results. This was day 2. 

Day 3

A little frizzier, but still cool. 

By this day. I think this was like day 12. All the curls are pretty much gone. I had refreshed and remoisrurized my hair with water, spritz (water, aloe Vera juice, glycerine) and put some Cantu Curling Cream in it. (I am liking this product on old wash n go's. It doesn't really do too well on freshly washed hair for me.) I then put my hair in mini buns to stretch. This pic does not do the fullness I got justice. It was so big! LoL!! I think I will be stretching more often!! 


Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Yep I'm back on Blogger. Wordpress is nice and it's still there, but this is more convenient. So. My wordpress is still there. But my new blogging will take place here. 

Also be sure to check out my product review blog

I will be reviewing EVERYTHING there. Not just hair products. So check it out. Content may be slow for a second, but trust me, it will soon be jumpin. :)