Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday 6/20/11

Monday 6/20/11

Well back at work again. Everyone else is enjoying day 4 at home. Friday was just 3 hours. Today is probably gonna be 10. But I need the money, so I gotta get it. 

  Anyway, this is a hair blog, not a broke-y bitch line right? LoL! Ok, so what IS going on with the hair on this fine day? Well I got tired of my hair being stuck to the back of my head in a dry mess when I wake up, so I decided to try baggy-ing (I can't spell, I know!) for the first time since jheri curl days. I spritzed and added some of the moisturizing lotion and a little Long Aid, put on my shower cap (I don't much line the ones I have. They're the colourful and like vinyl or something. I like the clear ones better, but this was all they had.) and my satin bonnet. When I woke up, through the caps my hair still felt the same. I was like "dammit!" Then I removed them... And it was pretty soft. Easily fluffed. If I'd gotten pressed for time, I could have just fluffed and left and not looked totally busted. The one thing I DIDN'T like was that "hat" smell that came from under that cap when I took it off! But it didn't last, so all in all, baggying works fine. My hair is still really, REALLY soft. I have to get some bigger, CLEAR conditioner caps though. (aka shower caps) So baggying works for Rebel. :)

  My products are holding up pretty well. The Captivating Curls is a good product. It pretty much does what it claims, I saw more curl definition and my hair seems shinier. (Probably from all the CONES in this conditioner! This stuff is SO not curly girl friendly! If I kept using this I'd have to probably shampoo in 2 months or EARLIER!) The Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion works pretty well, but I have to- well I don't HAVE to, but I FEEL I need to- reapply it. But it gets greasy really easy. I mean just looks GREEEEZY sometimes. I guess it's that "pink lotion" effect. I feel the need to rinse EVERY DAY with this, and that defeats the purpose of baggying. I still think this is a good product. I just have to figure out how much to use. I think it doesn't NEED to be reapplied in the morning if you use it that night maybe. I think I keep putting it on because it smells so GOOD! Kind of like bananas or something. That's the closest I can think of. Anyway it smells so nice I wanna keep putting it in and it turns into greasy hot ass mess. Then I gotta rinse it out. 

  And I think I "secretly" like rinsing. :p I just like to rinse it out. Get it all wet and not have to worry about reversion (straightened), excess dryness (Relaxed) or it taking 20 minutes and then being SOAKING wet and taking all day to dry! (Locs) I know this is gonna get harder as my hair gets longer. I ALREADY notice it takes 10 minutes to detangle now. (I know, waaa, right? Ten WHOLE minutes! When lots of ladies spend 30+! 10 is a LOT for me! I'm LAZY!! LoL!) Not sure if it's because of the way I apply product or it's ALREADY growing! But it gets tangled more now. Hair loss is not massive, but damn! This is a TWA! or is it? I actually don't know what this is. My hair is under my chin in the front stretched. But the sides and back are short. So I call it a TWA still. ANYWAY! It shouldn't take long yet. LoL! 

  But even THAT I enjoy! I LOVE my hair. Who knew? If someone had told me that "nappy" wouldn't be in my vocab, and I'd LOVE my tight curls, I would consider "you need a perm" like sayin' "Yo' mama a stank bitch"- you fin'na get cussed out!- like 13 years ago, I would have called them CRAZY! Not miss "wanna be!" LoL! But here I am.. 33 years old. NATURAL! And proud of my tight ass curls! What a different mindset you have when you're grown up. :)

I guess that's it. It's time for slaving to take place. 


Jen :D

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