Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thursday 6/9/10

Thursday 6/9/11

So it's been 19 days loose. Neat. Feels like longer! LoL! Not really in a bad way. Just in a "I can't wait till my hair grows out in the back" way. LoL! Honestly I'm still loving being natural. I may have done more harm than good rinsing my hair yesterday. Today it's kinda dry. Not sure why exactly. I put leave-in on AND sealed. Maybe I didn't seal very well. I really NEEDED that rinse, but I'm not loving this dryness. The humidity may be low today. I do use Long Aid and it is pretty much a glycerine based product. Didn't really check for that. Wouldn't have made a difference, as that is just what I use. It's not like I have a back up product for low humidity days. Probably should look into that though! LoL! Six year natural and I still ain't no expert. First problem is I am just too low maintenance!! Meaning I don't buy lots of luxury items. I keep contemplating ordering some stuff, but I don't know exactly WHAT to order! I mean, my hair is what it is. No product is going to change it's texture or type. So all these products are just over priced hype from my perspective. So I just end up closing the screen. Plus I need curl definition for MY hair and lots of products are just not gonna deliver. Which is weird that I would think that, as my hair has curls with NO product in it. Tiny little well defined curls, but they frizz up and need to be REdefined. If that makes sense. So I'm not trying to make curls where there are no curls. I'm just trying to define what is naturally there. That's more confusing to readers than you know if you actually get it. I've read comments on Kinky Curly that it's not a "miracle worker". If you don't have curls it won't make curls. Duh, right? But no I actually HAVE curls, but they need defining. Ok. Got that clear. LoL!

Anyway, long story short my hair is a little dry today. Still it looks pretty good, so it's not a "bad" hair day. I could probably NOT rinse if I went lighter on the Long Aid through the week. Still. How naked... NEKID water!! Make your hair feel squeaky. I mean, damn. I must be using AWESOMELY natural products for them to just melt away in plain water, eh? Maybe I should feel good about that! LoL!

Well, I guess that's it for the day. This is working out pretty good. Posting in my notepad, then copying and pasting to my blog. I'll have a decent amount of posts for 2011! Oh and I am ALSO 33yrs and 5 mos old today. :p This year is really moving along. I'm already looking forward to the holidays!!

More to come!



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