Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday 6/14/11

Tuesday 6/14/11

  Well I knew it was coming sooner or later. The "fat" day. Yes, today is my "cain't get rite" day. I feel fat and uncomfortable!! Like everything is on me WRONG!! I normally protect and cover my hair with my satin bonnet and scarf. Well the scarf feels like it too tight and in my face, my pants feel way too tight, I just feel bungled up and stuffed in a SAUSAGE casing!! Then Rebel is PUSHING the scarf FURTHER into my eyes! I am just UNCOMFORTABLE PERIOD!! UUUUUUGGGGG!!! 

Ok, enough temper tantrum. :p

  It's getting to be the middle of the week, and on cue Rebel feels sticky!! I'm like "GIRL!! Chill. Don't you remember what happened LAST week when I rinsed you mid week? DRY AS HELL! Sit down some where." LoL! Maybe she actually DOES need to be rinsed out mid week, but I HATE that dry "first day" feel. My first day hair is always dry. I can wash with glycerin and LARD and my hair would STILL be dry and dull on the first day. I don't know, maybe it looks fine, but to me it's a dry frizzy mess!! It's been that way from relaxed days to natural days. The only time it DIDN'T bother me was when I was locked. Because frizz was not an issue to me then. But since I am a Long Aid fan, it gets sticky after a few days.. I guess I'mma have to rinse her out tomorrow. It's weird. She's not sticky when I wake up, BUT after the day and I uncover everything she sticky as hell. It's not an "eeeewwwwww! You sticky!! Nasty!" feeling. Just that "curl activator" feel. Anyone familiar with jheri curls know what it feels like. THAT feeling. Maybe I need to learn to deal with it. That is if I don't want to dry my hair out so much. 

 All in all I guess I'm doing fine. Just a little irritable. I'm still loving the loose life. I have really... REALLY bad HIH!! My hands are ALWAYS finding their way to my curls! LoL! I am forever fluffing or just pulling a curl or SOMETHING! I don't see any damage from it and I actually think Rebel loves it. :) It's funny how i talk about Rebel Like a separate person, right? Anyone who didn't know we name our hair would be like "Is she talking about a cat?" No, Boo Boo. The Fro. LoL! 

I was watching a YouTube video Sunday and this lady was talking about short natural hair and her feelings on it. (not for her. I respect that.) I agreed with her to a certain extent. Until she got to women with long hair seem to "take care of herself". Now, I just cut my hair off, so do I look unkept as result of that? Personally, I don't think people with long hair look any more well "kept" than a person with shor hair. In fact I don't really even notice long hair much. ESPECIALLY long straight hair. I do notice "big" hair. I mean I ain't mad at her as those were her views. She's got a right to her opinion. I just hope the rest of the world doesn't share her views. 

  Then again... Would I "care" if they did? Prolly not. :p As far as not looking good with short hair.. I always thought I looked bad with short hair. Honestly in my opinion I look just as "good" with this new short hair as I did with locs and BETTER than I did with relaxed hair. NOW, I DON'T look that good if I try to wear it in a bob type style short. It makes my head and face look real BIG! but up and away from my face? GOLDEN! I'm in love with this new style. So.. I think it's about finding he right style for your face than focusing on length. Just a thought. 

  Well, it's time to start my day, so I guess it's time to wrap it up. :)



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