Thursday, June 09, 2011

A new Way

I've decided a new way to blog. As you may or not know, I have no Internet or cell signal at work. (AT&T really sleepin' on their service in small towns! Maybe that's why Verizon kickin' they ass, right?) But there are times I want to write, but I'm at work.

Well, why not do it on my notes and just copy and paste when I get time. And that's what I'll be doing. :)

Monday 6/6/11

I am feelin' my fro more and more. After I shortened the sides a bit it just looks like I have it short in the back and shaped. Kinda cute. As I have found though, with my build if I wear a regular crew neck tee I look like a MAN! Which if I was going for that it would be OK. I'm not though. So that's not a good look. A v-neck seems to off set that a bit. Which leads me to the realization.

I'm not a very feminine person. (And I'm taking this so WELL, you may be thinking. LoL!) I've always been a kind of tomboy. And I have never been able to just be naturally feminine! It's always been a struggle. A struggle that I apparently just gave up on. Which sucks. It's cute on a small woman. On a big bitch. It tends to be a little intimidating. I'm not real "big". I'm only 5'7" on a good day, but I'm full figured and it's not just in the hips like a lot of black women. I'm pretty even all the way round. And I have wide shoulders. I don't know if they are freakishly wide, but to me.

I'm built like a man. Most men don't look good in Women's clothes. And that is the problem. The stuff other women wear to look pretty and frilly and PINK, just don't fit me right. I have nice boobs, but that will only carry ya so far. I mean you don't wanna showcase the girls all the time. If I had a more feminine form, I wouldn't have to.

I know this isn't totally about hair, but it ties in. Just wait for it. :p

Anyway, now I've got my totally boss TWA. (Flat back and all. LoL!) But will this make it worse? Last time I had short hair, a woman at Fredrick's of Hollywood mistook me for a man. (Which was so funny to DH, but that means she thought we we're a gay couple. Bet if he picked up on that he wouldn't have though it was so damned funny. ) It hurt!! Still does. (See I'm not taking it well at all. LoL!)

Anyway. This doesn't make me feel any different about natural hair or MY hair for that matter. I love being natural. I loved being locked, I love being loose. I "hate" the cut I gave myself. But that's just time to fix. I have time. :) I'm just insecure about myself. My appearance. So I guess this is just a rant. There is no REAL advice here. Except if you see something wrong with your new cut, analyze it and if a snip or two will make it better don't hesitate to just clip it. Might make it better. Might make it worse. But it will be a change. :) I was inspired to try to work with my cut by Taren916 on YouTube. She recently cut her BEAUTIFUL long hair into a TWA. (A BEAUTIFUL TWA!) And that's where I had the "ah ha!" moment of what made my hair look weird was the sudden drop off in the back. A little trim on the sided and near the "drop off point" and now it just looks like my hair is just short. Period. So if you ever read this Taren I owe you a big "thank you"! Be sure to check her out on YouTube guys! Our textures are nothing.. NOTHING!!! Alike. But still she Inspires me so much. Most of the ladies on YouTube do! Just search your hair type, or just natural hair and you'll be there all day watch videos!! Or is that just me? LoL!

Well I guess that's all for now. It's about time for me to go in for work. Oh, and I still haven't revealed my curls to my coworkers yet. They don't get the whole "natural hair movement". So not on their level. When my buddy found I had taken down my locs she suggested I perm it and go straight to a wrap and a weave. LoL! I was like look at this shit. Oh well, I like her pretty well, so you know if she didn't get to see it, these other folks will see it only by accident! LoL! I wear it out when I go somewhere. But here, I just don't feel like the whole "meet the press" thing yet.

K, now I'm done. :p



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