Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tuesday 6/7/11

Well I'm getting more comfortable with my little TWA. It's been years since I've had short hair, but I think I'm adjusting pretty well. DH still really doesn't like it, but. Honestly I don't think he ever will really. I don't even think it's short hair that he doesn't like. It's short Afro hair he hates. Not sure how he feels about long Afro hair. He doesn't care for afros that's been established. So I imagine he's gonna really be pushin' perms and weaves once Rebel's big. LoL! But I'm enjoying her baby years. I can just wash and go. With the exception of one extra step (applying product) she's as easy to take care of as she was when she was locked. That is one of the joys of short hair. The ease of care. Detangling is so easy. I think detangling will still be easy, well pretty easy, even when Rebel is longer. For some reason as tight as she is, when that conditioner gets up on her she just melts. And for that I'm thankful. :)

You learn so much about your hair when you're natural. Like when I locked, I would have probably given up on natural hair if I'd stayed loose simply because you cant just comb our curls all willy-nilly. Not sure if you can comb ANY curls like that. And because I couldn't just comb it like I "wanted" to, I would have felt like my hair was the nappiest, ugliest type of hair imaginable. And DH would have been right there with the perm talk. And eventually I would have CAVED. So I think locking was the best decision I could have made. Because NOW , I have 6 years under my belt as a natural. I know more about natural hair AND I accept my hair as it is. And I actually love it because it's what goes with me. It fits me. It's how I was made. The Maker does not make mistakes. So say what you want about my hair. If you don't like it don't look. And if you think it's wrong, you take it up with the One who gave it to me. :)

I've been trimming and I think I finally like how Rebel is shaping up. The back is even shaping up and seems to be growing nicely. I can see how it's gonna shape up once it grows. The back will be shorter than the front, but hella full. Either that or it will all end up the same length. Some how my hair tends to do that. So, either way will be fine. What I wonder, is why doesn't DH try to get in on the ground floor? I mean, like.. REALLY!! When we met, his issue was my weight. And for SOME stupid reason he assumed no one else wanted a fat girl. Well there are lots of guys who that is the LAST issue in their minds. When they started to notice, he was mad and VIOLENT with me. Now I could have handled things better. I was no angel in this situation. Just really not use to attention. But still he assumed no one would want my fat ass. OK. Locs. When I decided to loc and actually started growing them, he told me I look uncared for and my hair looked ATROCIOUS! Even hit me. YESSA! HIT... ME!! About the shit! Yeah, that was a bit FAR if you ask me. But after all that. It grew. FLOURISHED! Became down right REGAL! Complements started flooding in. He still didn't LIKE the locs, but he wanted to be part of the convo all of a sudden. Tellin' peeps how I did it and shit. I'm like. K. Like he was down with it the whole time. Now this. He's said it was butchered. (I say it was incomplete.) It's HIDEOUS! (I think it's awesome. Just needed tweaking.) The best I've been able to get him to give me was saying if I'd left the back unchopped it would have looked kinds neat. (He still wouldn't have really liked it.) As for how it looks after shaping it up a bit, he said it looked "wild". I told him it's cute to me. :) He said "OOOOOK". On any given day, my saying I like something that he doesn't would have sparked such an argument. And God forbid I defended myself. That would have nearly been a FIGHT!

And to think, all THIS drama is JUST with the HAIR!!

I've gone through the hair drama too. The whole "it's just hair" thing use to irk me but because it's not JUST hair, but it is hair. No need to kick someone's ass cause you don't like their HAIR. No need to commit suicide because you get a bad cut! Because your texture isn't what you "wanted". It's yours!! Own it!! I just don't understand how people lose it about YOUR hair! If it's that awful I'm the one looking like a chicken. Shouldn't I be upset? Then if I'm not why should YOU be?

Well time has run out. It's time for me to go in to work. More to come.



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