Saturday, August 06, 2011

Don't forget...

Curlies, I am at Wordpress right now.

How have things been? Well, I've been using the same products pretty much. I've shaken it up a little with application, stopped using some products. (Bye Bye Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion! It started making my hair hard. My actual BEST day with it, was the FIRST time I used it!! And the softness didn't last after I woke up, but I just thought i was using it wrong. But it just does not work for me. Shame too.. Smelled SO good. Bye Bye Vo5 Moisture Milks. They don't soak into my hair correctly. I'll use the rest up for cowashes at some point, but.. It just doesn't work well anymore. I'm thinking it's the protein in it that makes it just not work for my hair. ) Started using some products MORE. (Long Aid likes to be pretty much stand alone. Aussie Moist makes a PERFECT leave in. Rebel just soaks it all up and gets SO soft. Plus it smells awesome for DAYS in my hair!)

My patch is pretty much grown out, so my head doesn't look abnormally weird anymore. (Just regular weird, LoL!) It's growing into a pretty well rounded fro. Great.

So come on and check out my new blog at wordpress.


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