Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm still using the peanut oil on my hair. I've even started adding it to other products, like shampoo and conditioner. I was shocked that the oil worked so well in the shampoo. I still get the same amount of lather, and it leaves my hair shiny, but clean.. It's weird. Oil in shampoo.. Who knew? As far as being in conditioner, of course that' s gonna work like a house on fire, unless you have fine hair that is really really oily. Mixing oils with other products helps most people's hair accept oils better- or so I imagine. Now I can't just SLATHER my locks with oil and think everything is fine, but if I spritz with water first or mix it with another product, it works REALLY well. If I ever start making products to sell, that will be the way to go.. Soon as I get the formula just right. Hey, when it comes to hair care products, I don't mind being the test subject.. :p Plus with all this extra washing and massaging, my hair seems to be growing faster.. Not sure if it's the massage, the products, or just that time of year. But I'm liking the results.

I mixed all my conditioners together, and shampoos as well with some oils (peanut and scented) To see how that's gonna work out.. Plus it will help me use up all those left over products since hubby isn't having me buy more until I use all the old stuff up. (Men, right?) Well, I understand.. Money is tight for all of us these days. This is a great tip for all those out there who have a little of this a bit of that.. Products that just don't work that well alone.. You can mix like things and maybe get better results.. Or at least you'll end up with a new bottle of shampoo, conditioner, oil- Whatever you have a bunch of. :) Just a tip.

Well, I guess that's it for now.. Hopefully I'll have some more to tell soon. :)


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