Saturday, May 23, 2009

And now...

It's here. I got my glycerin and aloe in the mail today, and I have spiked EVERYTHING with it. Shampoo, conditioner and I've made a spritz out of it. Glycerin over kill, anyone? :p

From the first spritz, it feels very moist. The smell (and taste) reminds me of LongAid curl activator. Which use to be my favorite gel back in the day. But I am loving this very moisturized feeling. I can fell the moisture from the air being attracted to my hands!! This is pretty nice.. I think my little dreads are gonna love this product. :) And it feels great that I've made it myself. I actually think if it continues to work so well, I can actually sell this product. Feeling my loose hair, I think it will work on loose nappies too. (As a freeformer I have both types of hair, locked and loose.) I have to work on the measurements but I think it will work well.

I probably will keep searching for my aloe though. This one has too many ingredients in it. And it's mostly polysaccharides. I want 100% aloe gel if it exists.. Or aloe juice would be even better, since I'm locked and I don't twist. The juice will mix in water better.. Maybe.. Personally I don't see anything wrong with the gel, but trial and error will give a better end product.

Well, this is the beginning of the first trial testing of my first home made product. Hopefully all will go well. Oh, and I've decided to start writing again. My first book will be about, you guessed it, growing locs and natural hair. :) You gotta do what you love, so you'll love what you do. :)



  1. FYI the glycerin can be purchased at Whole Foods for just a few dollars, I love the stuff.

  2. I know.. I didn't want to argue with hubby about buying more hair products. Now since the cat's outta the bag I can buy it locally. :) Both products are available probablyat grocery stores and WALMART.. LoL