Sunday, May 17, 2009

The things I do.. :p

Well, I was planning to just rinse my dreads out real quick yesterday.. Simple enough. Then for some reason, I got the notion to slather my hair.. MY DRY HAIR with Suave conditioner. Just straight up.. I put it in a pony tail, got in the shower.. After the shower, I rinsed it out real good.. And today, It's so soft. It was soft before I even spritzed and oiled again. cool.. New trick for rinsing maybe? yeah Maybe. :p

I can't wait until my glycerin and aloe gets here. I'm serious I'm on a moisture kick like nobody's business! I've put aloe in my hair before, when I had a curl. It was alright, but it didn't add any shine. I figured it would make a cheaper activator. (Aloe was only like $! a bottle then since most people only used it for cooling off after being in the sun.. Hmmm.. Maybe it still is that cheap.. I'll look next time I need some. But I got the good stuff first.. Not too crazy about the $5 bucks shipping though. <_<

Oh well, you gotta pay sometimes. And it is cheaper than some of the stuff I see for sale costing upwards of $30 for a tiny ass bottle. Even I'm not that stupid. :p OK, maybe I am, but I don't ahve the $30 to spend.. *blushes*

Well, this was just a small post. I'm trying to be more active on this thing. Make use of it.. :)

Ta Ta...


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